The Upwork Masterminds: Design To Help Any African Break Into Foreign Markets, Earn In Dollars

Akolade Samuel Ajibowu teaches how to earn in dollars via freelancing. He does this masterfully through his signature program — The Upwork Mastermind. Freelancing on Upwork financially empowered Samuel. And so he decided to help any young African break into the foreign market via Upwork. Ediale Kingsley sat with questions for him. We are sure this will make for a great read.

What is your Project/ Business/ Services/ Product about?

My signature course is The Upwork Masterminds which is designed to help any African break into the foreign market and earn in dollars ; I believe the key to wealth is learning how to sell, either your skill, service or yourself.
I also teach sales and how anyone can make a fortune for himself selling over the internet

Tell us more about your background and what prepared you for this vision and mission.

I was born into a family of 5, I’m the 2nd child, I grew up in an average family financial wise, my Dad used to work with the then Nitel until it folded up and it became a real struggle for me and my family. It was a struggle all through university and my service year financially until I discovered the power and leverage of the internet, I have promised myself that I might not have come from a wealthy family but a wealthy family would come through me.

So why should anyone be interested in this?

The first thing that empowered me financially was freelancing on Upwork. Since then I’ve been preaching the gospel of financial freedom through freelancing.
Upwork is a platform that helps an African to scale the third-world fence; you can be in a third-world but live in the economy of a first-world.
It helps you to earn in dollars by offering your service to a global audience.
So far, over 10,000 persons have passed through our free trainings and over 2,000 persons have passed through our paid programs with numerous testimonials, some even earned up to $10,000 within a very short time.

What stands you out from others doing these same thing (s)?
We preach the gospel of financial freedom and We try to empower as many young Africans as We possible can with requisite digital & sales skills to earn in dollars and live comfortably via freelancing in Upwork and other programs

Who are the people that needs to patronize you?
Every Peroson that’s wants to increase his income or earn from a global audience

What are your core values?

Discipline, mentorship, responsibility; without this 3, you won’t go far in life

What’s your ultimate career goal or goals?

My ultimate goal is to empower directly impact at least a million Africans

Tell us about your support system?

My long-term goals.

What makes you happy and keeps you going?

Results; when I see my students having results , that keeps me going

What’s your superpower – that thing you do better than anyone else?
Consistency, Public speaking, Energy ; I can be very consistent when I know want I want, I’m very good in public speaking and my energy is unmatched

What’s the best way people can get in touch with you?

Social media handles; I’m most active on Instagram



Why do you do these awesome things you do?

I am driven by productivity & results; I won’t be worthy of the breath God has given me if I am not doing them

What prepared you yesterday for today’s challenges?

Life has a way of preparing us aforetime for seasons to come, I’ve always tried to maximize the knowledge, experience and exposure available to me per time; I’ve always had a bias for action.
If you live this way, you’ll be naturally prepared for things to come

A word for people who want to be like you.

What ever thy hand finds to do; Do it with all thy might.
The key to your tomorrow is in what you do with Whats available to you today; Do not despise your days of little beginning

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