Abayomi Adewumi Business Development Consultant Convener, Leadership Roundtable Summit

“Leadership is the key to 99 percent of all successful efforts”

On a first look at this quote by Erskine Bowles, 99 percent seems like a lot but when read again, one can easily see why it’s a fair estimate, especially when you have all the cards containing the different forms of leadership on the table, one of which is ‘self leadership’. It is evident that the importance of Leadership cannot be overemphasized.

The topic of Leadership in Nigeria is a crucial one both in private and public sectors, because in order to achieve change, there must be strategic leadership. The leaders must possess good leadership characteristics for an effective management and implementation, leading to success in organizational and financial results as well as creating happiness for people. For Nigeria to achieve the vision of the agenda for sustainable development by 2030, the leaders must take charge and this is what the Leadership Roundtable Summit is about. 

It is a vision hinged on inspiring people regardless of their background, position, gender, age and any factor that might seem like a limitation, ensuring and pointing them in the right direction to personal fulfillment and societal impact. One of the goals is to plant this message not just in Nigeria but across Africa and beyond, through seasoned speakers and facilitators who not only teach but inspire.

The LRS  which kicked off with it’s first edition in 2016 has indeed come to stay and has successfully seen 5 editions with this year’s conference making it the sixth of it’s kind . So far, the summit has dissected the scope of Entrepreneurship, Business and Governance in Nigeria, with highlights consisting of a key note address, panel session, business pitch competition, and the prestigious LRS excellence awards.

Let’s take a  look at what the numbers say.

The Leadership Roundtable Summit 1.0 – 5.0 which held between 2016 and 2021 has greatly contributed value to the Nigerian Landscape, with a reach of about 5000 young founders, students, young professionals, and key stakeholders in public and private sectors, 30 top leaders in Oil & Gas, Beauty, Technology, Real Estate, HR, Entertainment, NGOs, Politics, Social Enterprise, Government and other sectors, 3 top leaders in public and private sector with a track record of excellence. The summit has successfully identified  about 75 leaders in different sectors of the economy and recognized 25 leaders who have excelled in different industries and sectors to encourage excellence and daring ambitions. LRS has so far had 8 insightful discussions centered around enterprise and corporate leadership with FAQs.

This year the bar is being raised and LRS 6.0 is focused on a very important subject this year, with the theme being  ‘ 2023 Elections: The Intersection between Entrepreneurship and Governance.’ It seeks to discuss pertinent issues that concern how governance can influence enterprise with the aim of helping citizens make an informed decision on the forthcoming election through the whitepaper that will be developed from the conference .

LRS 6.0 will be a hybrid event with excellent media coverage and  a new addition of a  gala and award night. The event is scheduled to hold January 28th, 2023 at the Raddison Blu Anchorage, Victoria Island Lagos.

Every aspect and detail of the conference is put together and organized by my company, Global Leadership Institute (GLI), a management consulting firm focused on business development, marketing & sales development and organization development, consisting of a team of agile professionals who collaboratively empower businesses with tailored solutions necessary for growth and giving support until success is achieved. The company has consulted for a number of noteworthy enterprises including FirstBank Nigeria, 2wenty2 Hospitality (Ghana), Inola Ojen (USA & Europe), Aella, Plush Residences (Canada) and many others.

Global Leadership Institute as the name implies is bordered around key leadership insights and critically examines it’s impact in our society, while executing various strategies to raise and promote leaders in different spheres and across the globe. It is from this point of duty that the Leadership Roundtable Summit (LRS) was birthed and since inception, has been nothing short of wonderful in serving value in so many ways.

LRS 6.0 promises to be bigger and better and is definitely the best place to be come January 28th, 2023!.

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