Adnom Communications raises bar, Omirin talks new film ‘No Man’s Land’

Executive Producer and Media Buying Exec, Adeniji Omirin has reiterated the endless possibilities that abound in the Entertainment industry. He also hinted on how his platform contributed in uplifting talents like Mr Macaroni, “check our movies and series, I am proud to say MR Macaroni today is amongst those that has graced Adnom Series ever before stardom and seeing what he has become today should open people’s acceptance to the possibility of new talents everywhere.”

Omirin is Managing Director of adnom communications and Executive Producer of an amazing body of works — movies and series. He started as a staff of NTA in the 90s after studying Accountancy in Yaba College of Technology. He spoke to reporters recently about his coming project titled No Man’s Land. The movie is scheduled for principal photography on the 10th of May and the director of the flick is Saheed Apanpa.

No Man’s Land is about a psycho ex-husband who came back for his long lost love who has found solace in the arms of another man. It’s guaranteed to be another Saheed Apanpa hits. Following the likes of Homeless Home, Letting Go, Jumbled, Devil’s Orchard and many more.

The hard working CEO — who says for the 2 decades they have been in business it’s been God that has been master-minding the operations coupled with the inbuilt passion for the media industry, tenacity and doggedness — also spoke on the influx of foreign soaps into Nigeria, “sincerely, I don’t watch foreign movies or soaps as you call them, but yes, we won’t deny their influence in our style of movies and growth of the entertainment in Nigeria. But we all know, be it Music or Movies, Nigerians are making magic, so let’s just embrace our growth. Nobody can tell your story more than yourself; let’s keep telling our stories before foreigners takes over our right. It is a thing of joy that our youths have changed to our local contents and this has given us the liver to do more.”

Adnom Communications has a lot of contents and TV projects under its belt. This reporter sought to know if there’s a particular kind of story the company loves to tell or if the outfit just wants to entertain and get the audience glued.

“Tomorrow Is Now is in its third season with over 26 episodes, Season 2 is actually 26 episodes and season 1 was 15 while Season 3 is 38episodes, so you can see the growth system and progress we have attained with the ‘’Tomorrow Is Now’’ family drama series franchise. As for Mothercare, it is our health programme and Company CSR project which we are still looking forward to more brand sponsorship and endorsement for the programme so we can achieve the level of life changing standard we so much hope for the programme” says Omirin.

He continued, ” Downtown is our Family Comedy Drama Sitcom with 20 episodes in its flagship season and 43 episodes with new casts and more laughter for our viewers in the new episodes which is not yet seen by anyone. Kajola is one of our Yoruba drama series, Custodian is an Epic Movie not Series although it is split in 4 parts. “Choices” is our family planning awareness series with close to 40 episodes. Our series is endless both seen and yet to be seen but to answer your question. We plan not only to tell a meaningful story, but also entertain our audience while providing attractive stories and tales to keep every audience at every level or age glued to their screen and demanding for more.”

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