Air France Halts Flights to Burkina Faso and Mali Amidst Niger Airspace Closure

Air France has taken the decision to temporarily suspend its flights to and from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, and Bamako, Mali, until August 11. This announcement comes in response to the recent closure of Niger Republic’s airspace by the military regime in Niger, which has raised tensions in the region.

The closure of Niger’s airspace was enacted by the regime as a precaution against external threats, following the expiration of the ECOWAS 7-day ultimatum on Sunday midnight. As tensions continue to escalate, the situation in Niger Republic remains tense and dynamic in the last 12 hours.

In light of these developments, Air France’s decision to suspend flights to the affected destinations underscores the impact of the political unrest in the region on air travel operations and underscores the need for vigilance during this period of heightened tension.

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