Amplify Digital Media, Revolutionizing Digital PR for Brand Growth

In an exclusive interview, Bayonle Ayodele, the Chief of Operations at Amplified Digital Media, shared insights about their innovative digital public relations organization and its mission to help businesses and brands thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Amplified Digital Media is a dynamic Digital PR organization dedicated to brand growth. Their unique approach combines digital strategies with public relations to position businesses and brands in the perfect spaces for their target audiences.

The inspiration behind launching Amplified Digital Media stemmed from Bayonle Ayodele’s passion for public relations. He had the privilege of working with organizations that actively engaged in digital PR activities for brand growth. This experience, along with interactions with digital and PR experts like Ayenithegreat, BukkythePRexpert, and laerryblue, inspired him to start his own organization. Bayonle aspires to break new ground in the PR industry and collaborate with influential figures in the field.

One of the driving forces behind Amplified Digital Media is the need to educate and mentor young individuals who often lack a clear understanding of the PR world. Ayodele is currently training several individuals to equip them with the skills needed to excel in the field.

Amplified Digital Media offers a range of services, including brand growth, digital branding, influencer marketing and partnerships, reputation management, content marketing, brand positioning strategy, media positioning, stakeholder engagement, and PR strategy.

What sets Amplified Digital Media apart is its unique combination of digital skills and PR strategies. This holistic approach enables organizations to thrive in the ever-competitive media space.

The name “Amplified Digital Media” is a reflection of the company’s mission to amplify the presence and influence of businesses and brands in the digital realm.

While the organization is on a growth trajectory, it faces challenges related to credibility and the establishment of a physical office space. Gaining the trust of clients, especially as a newer entrant, can be a hurdle. The need for a dedicated office space to convey seriousness and professionalism is also a concern. However, Amplified Digital Media is actively working to overcome these challenges.

Despite being a newcomer, Amplified Digital Media has already worked with notable organizations in the engineering and mobile tech sectors, demonstrating their capabilities.

Looking to the future, the organization aims to expand its reach nationally and internationally. They intend to provide opportunities for individuals interested in the PR business and serve as a bridge between businesses and their target audiences.

In a message to potential clients, Bayonle Ayodele emphasized the importance of expert guidance in growing a business. He encouraged businesses not to be deterred by the challenges in the market and assured that Amplify Digital Media is there to boost their brand’s reputation.

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