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Favour Ubani owns The Better Writing Academy. It is a virtual academy, an online school that is tied with the sole purpose of helping young people learn how to build a writing career from scratch, scale it and make money while at it. She sat down with Ediale Kingsley in this interesting chat.

What is your Project/ Business/ Services/ Product about?

My business which is my virtual academy, The Better Writing Academy is an online school that is tied with the sole purpose of helping young people learn how to build a writing career from scratch, scale it and make money while at it.

Tell us more about your background and what prepared you for this vision and mission.

I was a primary school teacher in Abia state, who was always cheated out by private school owners.

I started writing officially online in 2018, while in SS2. In 2019, I graduated from secondary school and got a teaching job, while still doing my “writing” as a little hobby.

By 2020, I had started building a career around it.

I struggled a lot because I was young, overwhelmed and confused and was yet to find out what truly works.

Late 2020, I signed up for a training which helped me to understand my field better and focus on my strength – Teaching Others Everything Content Writing.

In the two weeks of treading this new path, I recorded my first five figures in profit.

My new strategies were working. I had clarity on what I wanted to do and how to do them. I found my gold.

I now help aspiring, budding and struggling writers get clarity on how to run a successful (in both standard and profit) writing career.

It is the same help that I offer business people who want to bring their businesses online and use written content to promote their businesses.

I do these basically because I want to equip other young people like me, who are from average Nigerian homes against the Nigerian economy by helping them learn how to write and as well sell the writing skill.

Sell Your Project/ Business/ Services/ Product.

Research has proven that every business needs a writer. Not 90% of businesses, not 95%. But every single business out there.

No doubt, this is the reason most businesses struggle online – they have no writer. “It is either you learn how to sell with written words and become the writer for your business or you pay a writer every damn time.” – Eno Sam (2021, rephrased)

This is why at The Better Writing Academy, we do not only teach young people how to build a profitable brand as writers, we also help business owners learn how to sell with written words.

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Your Personal Brand:

 What do you do and what stands you out from others doing these same thing (s)?

Basically, I teach writing. I help young people learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in written words.

I am passionate about what I do. Teaching is an innate ability for me, and writing is what I’ve always done as a kid. It was with raw passion and love for these two skills that I launched out online and started building my brand as a writing coach.

While many others do this just for their “pockets”, I do this because this is who I am, and without this, I’d lose the essence of living.

 Who are the people that needs to patronize you?

Writers and business people.

 What are your core values?

Honesty, sincerity.

What’s your ultimate career goal or goals?

My ultimate goal is to build my virtual academy beyond just an online store and website. Plans are already ongoing to launch learning platforms on the academy where people can enrol and be tutored by different digitally skilled persons for months.

Tell us about your support system?

My biggest support system is my friend, Eva Okonkwo. Doing business online is very demanding, and as a young person who’s still climbing up the ladder, I need all the support I can get. Sir Emeka Nobis has also been a very great support to my brand. He has willfully written about me several times, and these made my brand more visible.

 What makes you happy and keeps you going?

I feel really great to see my students crushing their goals. I scream when they return with testimonies of writing gigs and sales made. I feel encouraged to keep going knowing that I inspire other people. I get a lot of mentions daily from different folks who follow my brand, read my books or take my courses. I feel inspired to know I’m a light to their paths.

 What’s your superpower – that thing you do better than anyone else?

I teach really well. I have the ability to simplify complicated terms and topics for writers and business people. Most people want to always appear sophiscated. I don’t care about that. My major goal is helping my audience understand me and be able to get their problems solved.

. What’s the best way people can get in touch with you?

WhatsApp. I respond to messages faster on WhatsApp and I share a lot of writing tips and hacks on my status daily.

 Why do you do these awesome things you do?

 I do these things because this is what “living” is truly about. “Living” is about being heard and seen by the people who truly need you, who need your help through your services – free or paid. I do what I do because there’s no better way to give these people the permission to let their own light shine.

  What prepared you yesterday for today’s challenges?

The knowledge I am exposed to. My biggest fear and challenge has been criticism. I feared if I’d be accepted. I feared being talked down on. But I have watched people criticize my favourite influencers, and I’ve seen these influencers bounce right back on their feet to keep pushing. Watching sir Nobis gives me so much hope and courage. His messages speak to me. They keep me equipped and prepared for whatever may come.

A word for people who want to be like you.

There’s a word I’ve heard too often in my two years of doing business online. The word is – consistency. It means regularly occuring. Doing one thing often and often. Being consistent at what you do is a big game changer.

My quote of the year is – Everything you need will not always be available. I didn’t have a smartphone when I started writing online. I was using a Nokia C1. If you wait till you get all you’d ever need before you launch out, you’d never be ready to start.

Start with the much you have. The dots will all connect with time.

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