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Shulamite Ezechi is a Nigerian social entrepreneur, author, activist based in Scotland and founder of ANYISO, an organisation that provides support for female refugees and asylum seekers. In 2019, she became the first black person to receive Scot Parent Awards and her NGO ANYISO won the Charity of the Year at the 2021 Prestige Awards.

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How would you describe yourself to the world?

I am very humble and simple, and I also love cooking.

Tell us about your background.

While waiting for my leave to remain in the UK, i was opportuned to meet many women of ethnic minority background and i noticed that volence against ethnic minority women continues to be unreported since these women are finding it difficult to speak up due to shame, fear of honour based violence, discrimination and being isolated from their communities even here in UK. Issues such as, domestic abuse, FGM, forced marriages, inequality in girl child education and gender inequality unfortunately are still ongoing in Scotland and around the world.

The need to provide much needed support for African and ethnic minority women and migrant communities in Scotland became more evident as a result of poor access to support and services due to language barriers and cultural differences. 

In 2014, driven by inspiration and personal experiences, I Shulamite Ezechi founded ANYISO, to create a platform where ethnic minority women and young people could be reached and to provide them with the support needed for them to be empowered.  I initially started the organization as a voluntary organization in 2014 and in 2016 it became a registered charity.

Tell us about your books and how it’s impacting the world.

My book is titled ‘’ Unveiling your true potential, the power of self discovery’’

Life is a multi-faceted journey, filled with highs and lows. It is inexorable that most of us will encounter self-discovery only after we reach one of these lows. The sheer misery one faces during these turbulent periods draws one towards self-examination, and an inescapable desire to be more.

My book  ‘’ Unveiling your true potential, the power of self discovery’’  focuses on one of those lows pertinent to me and my experiences. Going on a journey of self-discovery borne out of a very unsettled time in my life is a story that is worth sharing. This journey has taken me through to the other side, and whilst still growing, I have found myself, my calling, and my true potential.  My book is really impacting people’s lives  positively with lots of testimonies. It creates an energy and determination in your life that will drive you into your own self-discovery journey pushing you to experience and live out your true potential.

What are your current activism projects about?

We conduct various workshops, seminars and conferences to train, support and provide the necessary information and referrals with our partner organization to provide life-saving services and a future where domestic abuse is not tolerated.

 How has it been, post Covid lockdown era, managing mad giving support to Asylum Seekers and female refugees?

It’s been a very busy period for us with so much workload due to Covid -19 and so many Asylum seekers that are arriving in the UK.

Please tell us your full names and if possible the meaning?

My full names are:  Shulamite Ifunanaya Ezechi

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

Too Many people needing support thesame time due to war, terrorism and poverty and inflow of asylum seekers and refugees. Organizations and agencies face a lot of challenges and pressure in providing the necessary support and services needed.

What policy do you seek implemented in the world today?

Policies to end wars and terrorism.

Compulsory Basic Education for every Child

Policies that promote equal opportunities for both men and women.

Policies to end violence against women.

 Tell us more about your programs and coming projects.

Although I am based in the UK, we have started expanding our projects in Nigeria. We have already done some projects on women empowerment during COVID – 19 period, we also gave food palliatives, toiletries and clothes to some women and children. Our basic projects are on women and young people empowernment.

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