Anambra First Lady Launches Healthy Living Initiative, Aims to Transform Health Habits

Mrs. Nonye Soludo, the First Lady of Anambra, has unveiled her profound reason for introducing the healthy living crusade in the state. Her primary goal is to revolutionize conventional detrimental health practices and instill a fresh perspective regarding how people perceive and manage their well-being.

Mrs. Soludo articulated her mission while addressing youth leaders representing the one hundred and seventy-nine communities of Anambra State under the banner of the Anambra State Association of Town Unions (ASATU). This discourse took place during their monthly general assembly in Awka, the state capital.

The Governor’s spouse expressed her concern that numerous individuals have, over time, disregarded their health by making erroneous dietary choices and neglecting their physical well-being. She lamented that this negative trend has resulted in a surge of avoidable illnesses and fatalities.

Mrs. Soludo emphasized that many of the maladies afflicting contemporary society have proliferated due to persistent unhealthy dietary preferences and a lack of appreciation for organic health principles.

Addressing the youth leaders through a virtual platform, Mrs. Soludo elucidated that the crusade has been extended to grassroots levels through ongoing engagements with young people in the state’s twenty-one local government areas. These engagements are tailored to encourage Anambra’s youth to become advocates for the healthy living movement within their respective communities.

She underscored that when young people actively participate in promoting healthy living, they can also contribute to fortifying and advancing the campaign’s objectives, recognizing the pivotal role that youth play in societal progress.

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