Bankable Wisdom is Celebrating 2 Years of impacting African Youths with Tech Skills, Jobs, and Opportunity

This Article will give you an overview of Bankable Wisdom; in it, you will find a brief about Bankable Wisdom, Milestone (Project, progress, and milestone), Challenge, a call for investors and partners.

Brief of Bankable Wisdom Bankable Wisdom is an impact driven educational technology, keen on creating economical and job opportunities for youths, by providing easy access to Tech skills, jobs and opportunities.

With the staring challenge around African youth employment and youth poverty amidst a global pandemic in 2020, Bankable Wisdom was born on 1st November 2020 as an impact driven solution to create economical abundance for African youths by empowering them with tech skills, jobs, and opportunities. Projects, progress, and milestones Bankable Wisdom launched its first website on November 1st 2020 in Lagos Nigeria within the last 24months we have 5,000 users in 24 African countries, with over 10,000 course completion.

In October 2021, Bankable Wisdom won the capital fellowship organized by Kippa Technologist; that is also to say we are among the top 100 finalist after 50,000 applications for the capital fellowship. Bankable Wisdom launched her first physical office in June 2021 and organized her first paid physical training and virtual master class in August and September 2022.

Bankable Wisdom was featured on Guardian Newspaper and the Nation day newspaper in September 2022. We launched our mobile App in August 2022 on Google Playstore after launching our first MVP Bankable S. Due to the impact of our project, Savvy Global Fellowship for change makers listed Bankable Wisdom as 1 of the 13 change making stories to watch-out for. Our founder Precious Azuonwu was also featured among the top 30 semi-finalist for Saavy Change makers award in 2021/2022.

Challenges of Bankable Wisdom

1. Bankable Wisdom is built on the core value of problem solving.

2. Bankable has offered its product for free to users for 22 months, until its first Minimum Viable Product.

3. After our first 1 year or building, challenges of Team sets in due to financial constraints and shared bootstrapping challenges, making our educational technology financial unprofitable; this made founding team members leave to their own ventures.

However, Bankable Wisdom had to live, so Precious Azuonwu had to make great sacrifices to build Bankable Wisdom from ground up.

4. Bankable Wisdom has been bootstrap in the past 24 months, and we hope to get our first pre-seed before the end of 2022. 5. Bankable Wisdom had a lot of challenges with staffing in terms of skills, character and competence initially, but via trainings Bankable Wisdom was able to equip its team 6. Salaries was also a challenge at some point, we had to offer tech services to clients to raise funds. Call for Investors and Partners Bankable Wisdom in November 1st 2022 will mark 2 years of impact and we are determined to impact more African Youths with Tech skills, Jobs, and opportunities.

We hope to reach out to 52 African countries with Tech Jobs, skills and opportunities. If you will like to donate, invest or partner to spread our objective, shoot us a mail via or WhatsApp +234 816 498 5309

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