On Mission To Help 1000 Startups — Bassey Yong

Meet Bassey Moses Yong of Bayong Consulting. The company provides business solutions to SMEs that enables them to launch and grow. Their corporate goal is help launch 1,000 startups by 2025.

Your Project/ Business/ Services/ Product:

 Kindly tell us your full names and the name of your Project/ Business/ Services/ Product.

Bassey Moses Yong

Bayong Consulting

What is your Project/ Business/ Services/ Product about?

We provide business solutions to SMEs that enables them to launch and grow. Our corporate goal is help launch 1,000 startups by 2025.

Tell us more about your background and what prepared you for this vision and mission.

Growing up in a business family, I was exposed to entrepreneurship at a very young age, albeit I didn’t like the way I saw business being run.

I later decided I was going to study business. As an undergraduate studying Business Administration in a public Nigerian university we had this thriving business close to the campus area that had a great product and was affordable.

It was the go-to place for us as students but suddenly it closed down. We were all moody in class that day and that led me to reflect. I began to research would could’ve happened and I discovered it was a very big societal problem in developing economies.

Over the years I have taken up different business programs from different institutions to adequately equip my self.

 Sell Your Project/ Business/ Services/ Product.

 At Bayong Consulting we’re focused on transforming business ideas into scalable and profitable ventures.

We offer three prong services;

A. New Venture Planning and Launch – we help you flesh out your idea, structure it and launch. This package is for people looking to start a new business, we provide all the support you need.

B. Business Registrations – we help entrepreneurs setup legally, we register companies, partnerships, NGOs and others with CAC.

C. Executive Business Writing  – we help entrepreneurs communicate professionally and leverage on opportunities in their space. Our business writing includes stellar; business plans, proposals, company profile, brochures, process documents, infographics and others.

Your Personal Brand:

What do you do and what stands you out from others doing these same thing (s)?

I’m a startup consultant and an executive business writer. I help entrepreneurs launch profitable businesses and leverage on opportunities in their environment. I spend a lot of time developing proprietary knowledge and I deliver that with excellence.

Who are the people that needs to patronize you?

Professionals who wants to pivot into entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs / business owners


Corporate organisations

Multinationals with portfolio for startups

What are your core values?

Excellence, Integrity and Sustainability

What’s your ultimate career goal or goals?

To be foremost startup consultant in Africa helping build hundreds of unicorns across the continent.

Tell us about your support system?

 I work with a great team who helps me in meeting set targets; a range of coaches and role models to whom I stay accountable.

 What makes you happy and keeps you going?

Being able to deliver solutions to clients and see it move their business towards the growth they desire. What propels me is my vision of seeing Africa leapfrog out of its current economic challenges.

What’s your superpower – that thing you do better than anyone else?

This will be my ability to analyse situations, methodically craft solutions and see to it’s implementation.

 What’s the best way people can get in touch with you?

Through WhatsApp, I prefer that one-on-one quick conversations.

 Why do you do these awesome things you do?

I feel a burden to leave the world better than I found it, the economic situation in Africa is alarming, we’re second-rated across many indices, and standard of living is deteriorating. One of the surest ways to effect a change I believe is through entrepreneurship.

 What prepared you yesterday for today’s challenges?

My journey and experiences in academics and business. Also my walk with God, I believe I have the innate wisdom and capacity to deal with what tomorrow has to offer.

A word for people who want to be like you.

Discover your divine path, develop capacity and deliver nothing else but value.

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