BNXN joins Davido, burnaboy, Wizkid to top UK charts there was mixed reactions when he peaked at the 4th position.

BNXN(Buju) might be a Bigger star than we can ever imagine, he has more of this in store for us! This energy is Conserved he needs to open up his pot full of goodies for us Brothers and Sisters we must Introduce any means to see his Potentials inside this pot of his.

He may be what you are currently thinking of him, and at the same time he might be so much more Enormous than you ever imagined him to be. His singing style is just different I think what he is trying to put out before the masses is his Consistent work, as he is seen as one who is not much in a hurry he isn’t Competing with any of his Colleagues in the industry either;

He will show his Artistic nature to us with time but he is not looking hurried or being rushed by anybody to do his shit in anyway! He is crafting something different he is actually something really different and unique he has his own style, since the Singer sings in a Cool Nacrotising Slow jams he cultured himself to sing so well in accordance to Whatever beat given to him BNXN kills Features the said singer might appeal to us as being too Loquacious but it is part of his job maybe its his nature though, but withstanding it’s still his Job.

You can’t remain in the Entertainment line for long if you are not the talkative type at Least, every great singers have encountered their rivals as they progressed in their beloved career irrespective of your nature you can’t be found calm all the time for nothing; something just has to come up and Startle your peace something must scare the good vibes you have been grooming for a while in many cases you see the Gentle ones becoming too Lousy because they wouldn’t stoop low to be stepped over and be trashed all over the media by their Colleagues in the industry so rather than hold their peace the mild strike back at their opponents…

BNXN was called out for using the Beef between him And Ruger as a form of promotion how true is this?
Lovely people what have you got to say about this, Well he came up with the heat all by himself and it has been an era of thrills for this two this time. To me I don’t see all of the beef that is exercised between them as a Form of promotion to BNXN or a Boost that is false to me

Ruger would definitely have something to say about this, when he is finally on here, seeing all the hate speeches that fans have to spit out from their guts to the media, by then Ruger would finally see the same reason to say BNXN is using him to trend, now in this case of theirs, fans have been seen to cause Unnatural hate between Big stars you know they will stop at nothing to stir Vawulence between these stars of ours and the troll continues. But in this case of BNXN and Ruger a fan stirred up the case at first and now this two have been taking this to another level as they continue to thrill us.

Burnaboy Groomed a monster;
Recalling what BNXN(Buju) highlighted which seemed to be making sense was that he was working on a project that would be so good that the fans would not be able to resist the finished work that so much Energy of his have been channeled on, instead of doing one or two hits that would reign for the main time and have you finally disappearing into the thin mysterious air.

Now BNXN reacts to his latest achievements as he joins Davido, Burnaboy, Wizkid to peak at the UK charts, reports tells us that BNXN formerly known as Buju took the number 4th position on the UK charts, and now this gives him a better enthronement making the Singer sit in Comfort with Afrobeats legends Davido, Wizkid and Burnaboy. fans have been doing what they were always born to do Calling out Ruger for not removing the Eye patch from his eye to see BNXN latest achievement

He is not really the “Fatty Bum Bum” you all have imagined him to be so kill your mentality of the star being a big for nothing singer, cause to me what he has been putting out lately really equates with his physical look Burna boy really inspired him And Groomed him, he is really a full package if you like to know.

I’m not saying Ruger is on the wrong Lane by doing Solo hits that gives him a Bigger reputation on tiktok it’s all Good because his catchy singles is what thrill the many youths of Nigerians and the Tiktokers enjoys it very much, But in as much as BNXN is consistent with his Brilliant artistic work then he would remain at the spotlight for Long, slow and steady he is probably going for the Legendary status noting that his works are made for matured minds.


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