Boxing: The Latest News Surrounding Logan Paul and Mike Tyson

The Fight is Not Likely to Happen
Mike Tyson retired back in 2005 after he lost to Kevin McBride, but in 2020 he came out of retirement for an exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr. Since this fight, Tyson has had plenty of other offers to get into the ring again, but nothing has been confirmed so far, and there is a possibility that it will stay like that.

During a recent appearance on a Podcast, Tyson said that he does not think that he would do anything like that ever again. His main reason for this is that his body cannot cope with the demands of the sport anymore, and this is fair enough because he is 55 years old now. If he was to get in a ring again it is clear that he would only be doing it for money, and with a net worth of around $10 million, it is not like he needs to put his body at risk for financial gains.

Jake Paul Would Fight Tyson
Jake Paul recently admitted that he would get into the ring with Tyson, but that no talks have been held with the boxing legend. However, Tyson said that he has no interest in having a bout with the younger Paul brother, and confirmed that there has been no negotiations between the pair.

Tyson Thinks the Paul Brothers Are Good for the Sport
Although he might not end up stepping into the ring with either of them, Tyson still feels that the Paul brothers are beneficial to the sport of boxing. This is in contrast to many boxing fans who feel that they are making a complete mockery of the sport just to make money. However, Tyson has praised them and believes that they attract a new type of audience and bring in a lot of revenue which would not have been created otherwise. He believes that they are a breath of fresh air to a sport that was stagnating.

When Tyson stepped into the ring at the end of 2020, we were quite sceptical about the fight going ahead. Both of the fighters had really great careers, and we were not open to seeing any of them get hurt or embarrassed. However, Tyson looked pretty sharp during the fight, and were it not for an agreement that banned head shots, we think he could have knocked his opponent out.

Paul, on the other hand, impressed many by going the distance with Floyd Mayweather, but he looked tired at the halfway stage and was unsteady on his feet near the end of the eight rounds. Also, at one point, it looked like Mayweather held him up after he took a big blow.

Despite the age gap, if these two were to fight, we would not be surprised if Tyson managed to knock Paul out. So, if this fight was to go ahead at some stage, we would put our money on a Tyson knockout.

If a fight between Logan Paul and Mike Tyson does materialise, then it is safe to say that you will find odds for it at the majority of sports betting sites that you encounter. This is because any bookie worth its salt will realise just how much money there is to be made by offering a variety of markets for such a fight.

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