Buhari Congratulates Tinubu, Says He is the Best Candidate for the Job

In a statement released by his spokesperson Garba Shehu on Wednesday, President Muhammadu Buhari congratulated Bola Tinubu, the winner of the 2023 presidential election and candidate of the All Progressives Congress. Buhari expressed that Tinubu, who was elected by the people, is the best person for the job and he looks forward to working with him and his team to ensure a smooth handover of power.

The President also highlighted that the election was Africa’s largest democratic exercise and demonstrates the continued relevance and capability of democracy to deliver for the people. Furthermore, he acknowledged the shift in the electoral map across all regions of the country, reflecting the maturing of democracy in Nigeria, and emphasized the importance of competition in the democratic process.

Although there were technical problems with the electronic transmission of results, it does not mean that the election was not free and fair. The process may require further transparency and credibility, but the issues encountered did not pose a threat to the election’s integrity.

While some politicians may disagree, they should provide evidence of fraud if they claim it occurred. If they cannot, then the election must be deemed the will of the people, and any challenges should be brought to the courts, not the streets.

To incite violence for personal gain is irresponsible and against the interest of the people. It is time to put aside differences and act responsibly, and all candidates should honor the peace pledge they signed before the election. It is crucial to maintain the credibility of INEC and move forward as one, as the people have spoken.

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