CAN Refutes Claims of Candidate Endorsement

CAN Plateau State denies endorsing any governorship candidate and stresses the importance of members voting for the candidate with the best interests of the state and leadership potential.

CAN Plateau State Chairman, Fr. Polycarp Lubo, clarifies stance on endorsement during candidate meeting. Candidates sign peace pact to maintain electoral decorum. CAN’s role is to support the government and address deviations from responsible leadership.

CAN supports the government and addresses leadership deviations. Jaiz Bank issued an example. No endorsement, just a call for citizens to use their PVCs. Seeking candidate with state’s interests, selfless attitude. Today’s meeting is an opportunity to hear from candidates.

Candidates sign peace pact and vow to follow legal processes for disputes. No bloodshed is desired. Political stability is a priority. Labour Party’s Dakum takes responsibility for supporter conduct. PDP’s Mutfwang committed to peace, issue-driven campaign. APC’s Yilwatda seeks a peaceful, prosperous Plateau for the development and welfare of citizens.

ADP’s Dawop supports peace in the campaign structure. PRP’s Panpe commits to peaceful elections, signing promotes peaceful beliefs.

Source: ThisDay Live

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