Chidinma Blessing Ogwo: A shining star with unmatchable versatility

Professionally known by the name, “Madinma Jones Ogwo” she has excelled beyond her natural configuration in a society where it is believed that a female child is a second class citizen only good in carrying out domestic chores, then getting married, produce children and life is okay.

When she secured admission to study Physiology at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, she probably did not know that passion and interest will decorate her with the robe of honour as a media professional and an outstanding one for that matter.

Today, her mastery of the media nitty-gritty and versatility has made her a quintessential choice and a go-to brand to individuals, businesses, organisations, embassies and professional associations who want their voices amplified in both the print, electronic and the new media platforms.

As not to be branded an emergency media practitioner, Madinma who radiates beauty and excellence in character took her time to study media presentation at the prestigious International Stephanie Coker Television College Lagos Nigeria where she earned a certificate. This fired her up to do several exploits.×280&!2&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=aBrj9RIWHe&p=https%3A// What stands a media personality who knows his/her onion from the rest of professionals is ability to know something about everything. In the case of Madinma however, she does not only know something about everything, she can safely be described as jack of all trade and master of all.

Beyond the media consultancy where she has left her footprint in the slab of gold, she is also physiologist, having been trained and certified up to the degree level at UNN, a motivational speaker, an interior and exterior services consultant, a social media influencer, a model, singer & a songwriter, and wields a touch of natural beauty, good heart of professional prowess.×250&!3&btvi=4&fsb=1&xpc=XeaP9hcyFo&p=https%3A// An actress who has featured in a number of movies, including ‘the beats’ which is set to premier in coming days. Madinma is also the first female ambassador to be announced for Mayfair luxury homes, one of the leading real estate companies in Nigeria.

Well schooled within and outside Nigeria, her understanding of Western culture, its peculiarity and that of African environment has helped her map out an articulate media strategy for her African and UK clients. That is not all, her success in the field of counselling and providing soul-lifting succour to individuals and families at their challenging moments in traceable to her understanding of their environments.×250&!4&btvi=5&fsb=1&xpc=F9drfQV71b&p=https%3A// At Hochschule hannover Germany, she studied clinical research and epidemiology. In matters of health, her presence is visibly seen and felt.

Her strength in the media industry cuts across creative developmental communication skills, strong managerial and communication skills, research, planning and execution of strategic communication, business, sales, rebranding and repackaging strategy, media campaign, public relations and damage control.×250&!5&btvi=7&fsb=1&xpc=Mr5WM5e0w3&p=https%3A// She is a first choice in for organisations seeking a perfect anchor person for seminars, AGMs, conferences, events, roundtable discussions, etc. Madinma represents the strength, resilience and can do spirit of the average Nigerian youth. She is a clear conviction that when supported, the girl child can move mountains.

Her journalism and broadcast experience has seen her transverse across several electronic media platforms, including Arise News TV. At Women in Action For Development, an international non-governmental organisation where she served as the public relations officer, she brought an unmatchable visibility to the organisation.

Matters With Madinma, a programme she anchors on One Voice Africa TV has recorded a huge topnotch success because of her ability to make indepth researches before going on set with guests.

She holds membership of several affiliates, including, Women in action for development (WIAFOD), National patriotic summit, Royalty reality TV show, Real Estate Millennium Group, Sam and Songs Entertainment, Nigerian national association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE), Arise News TV and One Voice Africa TV.

Her award and certifications include, Ambassador TWELVE23 Projects (Mayfair Luxury Homes) 2022, Ambassador Lite Tech Solar Energy 2021, Face of Vardi Africa 2021, the SCTV Presenter Course 2021, Clinical Research & Epidemiology, Germany 2019 and Best Dressed Female (BAMSSA).

In her extracurricular activities, she loves making researches, traveling, learning new things, communicating & making discoveries.

Her hobbies include, singing, dancing, writing, exercising, listening to music.

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