Concerns over possible 1,000-home development on Leicestershire golf course

It’s worrying how little is known about such a seismic change that will have an impact across both Oadby and Wigston’

Oadby and Wigston Borough Council is carrying out a review of its local plan to identify potential sites where new homes might be built in the borough to meet demand.

Glen Gorse Golf Course, which straddles the Oadby-Wigston border, is one of the sites submitted for consideration.

The golf course could be fully or partially developed, with up to 1,080 homes being built.

However, the borough council has said the site’s inclusion in the plans does not necessarily mean it will be chosen for development.

Councillor John Boyce, Leader of Oadby and Wigston Borough Council, said: “A site’s submission to the Council through the Local Plan process by no means guarantees future development and the full planning and consultation process would need to be followed should an application ever come forward for any of these sites later in the decade.”

The current local plan was adopted in 2019 and is relevant until 2031, so any sites listed are being considered for after this period.

Full development would see the entire golf course and the club house site turned into a housing estate

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Partial development would mean only the Oadby side would be built on and would decrease the number of homes to up to 336.

A third proposal is also being considered which would also see the entire course developed. However, the Club house would be moved to the adjacent Highfield Farm, with the existing farm buildings being demolished to make room.

Concerns have been raised over the lack of awareness the site could be developed among residents and club users.

One Oadby and Wigston resident said: “It’s worrying how little is known about such a seismic change that will have an impact across both Oadby and Wigston.

“There have been very little efforts to raise awareness of the proposals, either by the Council or the Golf Club themselves, which is absolutely a cause for concern.

However, Barry Marshall, chairman of the golf club, told LeicestershireLive an email was sent to members when the site was originally submitted to the council.

The email said the club felt it was ‘advantageous’ and ‘pertinent’ to apply, adding: “This in no way means we are actively looking to develop on the land and have no interest in selling it.

“Rather it means that if any opportunities arise to capitalise part of our holding, expand or improve our facilities, at least we have taken the first step with [the council], rather than risking not being afforded any consideration, due to not having taken this step when invited.

“We believe that this submission can only enhance the value of our property for the future and is not an invitation to potential developers to approach us.”

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