Delta PRP Deputy Governor Candidacy: No going back on girl-child, women, youth empowerment — Bishop Glory Umerah

Delta State Deputy Governor Candidate for Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), Bishop Glory Umerah has said her party would commit to actualising the empowerment of women, youths and the girl-child, and as such there are already series of planned projects ready to be activated at the right them when her party clinch the gubernatorial seat.

Bishop Glory stated this during an interaction with Pressmen towards the inauguration of the Radiant Foundation for Women Empowerment holding this weekend.The PRP Deputy Governor Candidate disclosed that the Radiant Foundation for Women Empowerment is one of the good steps to actualise her desire to empower women.

Earlier, Bishop Glory Umerah had expressed her intentions for running. “Dear Deltans, it’s almost a no-brainer to understand my decision to use a bigger platform towards meeting my desire for providing solutions and care to humanity. People who know me can attest that this race is not new. The desire to do my best to serve humanity as always been a part of my life.

The conviction for me is seemless. Just as the goal is sacrosanct. I have been blessed with a call to serve and minister to women, youths and the girl-child. This call has defined my existence and I believe with this great party and our Governorship Candidate. The dream and opportunity will meet the needs of my Delta people,” she said.

Bishop Glory said she decided to accept the mandate as it would be a great channel to help women and improve the wellbeing of youths and the girl-child.It would be recalled that the spokesman for the governorship candidate had announced Bishop Glory Umerah’s as Olorogun Immanuel Edijala’s running mate.“She was nominated and subsequently named as his running mate.”

Bishop Glory will be the running mate of the PRP Delta State governorship candidate, Olorogun Immanuel Edijala.Her party has a clear cut plan for the state which is organised as The POWER agenda:

P — for Productivity through efficient attraction of Investments in the Power, Oil and Gas sectors to catalyse our Industrial take-off and provision of Electricity for domestic use. O — for Order, Security, efficient Justice Delivery, Equitable Allocation of Government Resources using modern management tools and data to tackle Environmental and Health emergencies. W — for Wealth creation without Gender Bias to be implemented in a ratio of 70:30 in favour of the youth, i.e our young men and women over our aging male population, to drive our 24/7 productive economy.

A reward system for excellence shall be established. E — for Education’s budgetary allocation of minimum of 30% to produce the workforce for the Delta Digital Economy that will make us emerge as the “digital factory” for the Nigeria DIGITAL FOUNDATION providing 21st-century technology and telecom infrastructure and services to Africa and the world. And lastly, R — will focus on Reengineering of our Roads, Rail, Ports and other world class infrastructure that will rival developed countries as we pursue affordable Housing, Urban Renewal and Rural Penetration to create clean and blue cities for our people, even as we design a 50 years Marshall Plan of Action for future Generations to develop on.

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