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  • What is the Digital Economy? The digital economy refers to the global network of economic activities, commercial transactions, and professional interactions facilitated by information and communications technologies (ICT). In simple terms, it is an economy driven by digital technologies.
  • The Digital Economy: An Overview The digital economy encompasses a worldwide network of economic activities and commercial exchanges enabled by information and communications technologies (ICT). In essence, it is an economy based on digital technologies.
  • The Significance of the Digital Economy The digital economy highlights the importance of using technology to execute tasks more efficiently, rapidly, and in innovative ways. It empowers organizations and individuals to engage in activities previously unattainable, driving better results and fostering innovation.
  • Entrepreneurs Thriving in the Digital Economy The technologies powering the digital economy have paved the way for numerous entrepreneurs to create groundbreaking companies and innovative business models. Examples include ride-sharing platforms like Uber, Bolt, and Lyft, and on-demand services like Airbnb, Netflix, and Spotify.
  • #IDCL2023: Consistency in a Digital Economy This year’s #IDCL2023 edition features accomplished Nigerians sharing their business experiences, emphasizing the significance of consistency in a digital economy. The free seminar is aimed at empowering youths to start their businesses and navigate the Nigerian economy in the digital era.
  • Why Attend #IDCL2023 Seminar? The #IDCL2023 seminar is a unique opportunity for young Nigerians to gain valuable insights from successful individuals, helping them make informed decisions in a digitally-driven business landscape. The event targets individuals aged 18 to 35 but is open to all interested participants.
  • Impact of the Digital Economy on Nigeria’s GDP The recent GDP report by the National Bureau of Statistics reveals the significant contribution of the information and communications technology (ICT) sector to Nigeria’s economy, emphasizing the vast opportunities for youths in various sectors to capitalize on the digital economy.
  • Indulgence Digital Concept’s Vision for Youths Indulgence Digital Concept recognizes the digital economy as a tremendous opportunity for young individuals across all sectors. They encourage dreams, idea growth, and most importantly, consistency in leveraging the digital landscape.
  • Meet Oluwakemi Olorode: A Driving Force in IDCL Oluwakemi Olorode, a business expert, entrepreneur, and child rights activist, leads Indulgence Digital Concept (IDCL) – one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing advertising agencies. Her expertise and innovative approach have made IDCL a leader in digital marketing and brand activation.
  • Oluwakemi Olorode’s Inspiring Journey Learn about Oluwakemi Olorode’s inspiring journey from her roots in Isundurin, Ejigbo local government, to becoming a renowned marketer and the founder of IDCL. Her dedication to business, entrepreneurship, and advocacy for youth and women’s affairs makes her a notable speaker and volunteer for various organizations.

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