How Dom Global Support Foundation, Emeka Madu Are Changing Lives

Emeka James Madu is a philanthropist and his NGO, Dom Global Support, does all it can to help the helpless with education and more. You can check out their YouTube here: Emeka’s currently works at Shunyata Research INC Poulsbo WA. USA.

Tell me a brief about yourself and background.

*My name is Mr Emeka James Madu*

What about your Childhood Influence? .

*I was born in Bauchi, I grew up in Lagos, worked in Enugu, UK and now in USA*

What prepared you for the impact you seek to make in the world?

*I have a passion for the youth to build them to be better people,  I have a passion  for the indigent, down trodden*

Tell us how the journey has been since starting your organisation?

*It’s been inborn on me , natural, ensuring and striving to make my society better, adding value to my society born and unborn*

What is your NGO about?

 *Dom Global Support foundation is all about giving back to the society and trying to give hope to the hopeless, educating the world and many more*

Challenges Of Being  an Activist?

*I’m not an activitist . Call me a philanthropist yes*

*But I’m seeking out more people like Emeka James Madu*

*And calling them to join me*

Tell Us about your other projects and actives?

*There are a good number of them like helping indigent kids to go back to school, discovering young talents and setting them up, celebrating senior citizens. Read the rest up on social media*

What do you enjoy about your job?

*My present Job ?

or DGS?*

*I call it a home and treat my colleagues as a family*

 *For DGS it’s a passion and a dream*

Three people Who Inspire you And Why?

 *Igwe Barr. J. N. Odo*

*My God parent*

 *Mr & Mrs Gab. Emley*

How do you practice a Work Life Balance?

*I go on vacation*

 **I organize Free Summer classes*

One thing you really wish you could change in your advocacy?

*Ease in accessing funding*

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