Eddie Hall mocks Thor Bjornsson by giving rival present days before boxing fight

The rivalry between Hall and Bjornsson dates back around half a decade to a World’s Strongest Man tournament which the Brit won in 2017 and at which the Icelandic giant believes he cheated

The strongman pair, who have both won the World’s Strongest Man competition in the past, have a rivalry which dates back to 2017 when Bjornsson believes he was wrongfully penalised as he lost the tournament. Hall earned victory after it was ruled Bjornsson had “double dipped” during the Viking Press challenge, meaning he bent his knees to push the weight higher.

The pair’s feud has heated up to such a degree that they have agreed to settle the feud in the boxing ring this weekend – and in their pre-fight face-to-face, Hall presented Bjornsson with a bag of ‘double dip’ sweets, attempting to bring his rival back to the humiliating loss.

Eddie Hall mocked Thor Bjornsson over his past of “double dipping”
It’s the latest in a string of mental battles the Brit has engaged in with his Icelandic opponent ahead of Saturday night. He has already rubbed his bare bum on the fighter’s seat ahead of the joint interview, as well as confronting him at a Dubai gym in a heated exchange.

Bjornsson accused Hall of staging the confrontation to rile him up ahead of their bout at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium, and the Brit has admitted that he did just that. “I was asked to go in and stir some s*** up and I did,” he said during the intense face-off video.

“Thor told the promoter that if I touched him he was going to rip my face off. ‘You wouldn’t come outside, you were chicken s***; I’d have ripped your head off.

“From where I’m from if someone wrongs you, you sort it on the street. Unfortunately you weren’t prepared to do that the other night. because you’re a p*. You on the deck is all the satisfaction you need – I don’t give a f about the money, the money can go in the bin, I want to smash your head in.”

Who do you think will get the win in the ring; Eddie Hall or Thor Bjornsson? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Eddie Hall breaks his silence on Thor Bjornsson confrontation to admit it was a set-up

Eddie Hall has already identified next boxing opponent after Thor Bjornsson

Bjornsson quit strongman competition over the controversy involving the pair, which saw Hall release a number of videos exposing his belief that he ‘double dipped’. And the feud has become so bitter that the pair feel they have to fight in the ring to settle it.

Fans immediately knew what Hall was going for, with one commenting: “The fact that Eddie pulled the double dips out was the smartest and funniest s* I’ve ever seen, mocked the f* out of Thor, I don’t think they even realised that was his intention, probably just thought he was being dumb but Eddie is f***ing amazing for that!”

Another commented “I laughed out loud for real when Eddie started the double dip at the end,”, while one said “The double dip was freaking genius. Eddie 1 Thor 0”.

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