Eddy Watson, Scarlet Gomez, Rita Arum, Joseph Daniel, Joseph Momodu, Abayomi Alvin : Tunice Entertainment World set to film Touchline

Nollywood’s Director, Saheed Apanpa, is set to start the principal photography of a new film featuring Eddy Watson, Scarlet Gomez, Rita Arum, Joseph Daniel, Joseph Momodu, Abayomi Alvin and many others in Warri. TUNICE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD is the production company behind this project.

TouchLine is a story that deals with domestic violence and how it affected different characters in the film. The producer explains that “most of the happenings are replica to what most person have experienced except that there are so many twist and turns”.

The Producer, Evbierhoma Edward Onajite, who is also the general manager and headwriter of the production outfit says the film will be shot in Warri in few days time.

The writing of this movie is said to have been inspired by the CEO of Tunice Entertainment World, John Esedafe, “he has a good taste for movies and one day, he just decided that I should write a film that deals with domestic violence. And holla, I did. Along the line, a good friend of mine called Gabari Barry introduced me to Saheed. Immediately, I knew this was the right director for the project. I have seen most of his movies and he possess a great skill in interpreting scripts and giving it life” says the producer.

The producer said his motivations for producing movies developed from writing stage plays, “originally, I was just a writer for stage plays until I met the CEO/ Executive Producer of TUNICE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD. He had a great vision for setting up a film company in Warri particularly in his hometown. I keyed into his vision which has already started manifesting. In other words, the drive to produce scripts for screen and producing came as a result of our encounter”.

The producer also spoke about the general notion in the public that ladies have to sleep with producers before they can get movie roles in Nollywood. He said, “I would say that’s not completely factual. There are very many decent producers out there. What I have come to realize is that sometime some of the ladies give room for such acts to occur due to desperation. Some producers are very bold to resist such advances while others may fall. For me, I think if a lady sleeps with a producer because he promised her a key role for a movie then she has lost her sense of reasoning. If you actually need a role then audition of it and earn an outstanding performance thus gain the spot”.

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