Fola Folagbade: Worital Has Done 60000 Books, Still Counting

Fola Folagbade is a creative guru with wide experience in brand development and book publishing. He launched his first startup, Pholar Studios in the year 2015, and that same year, he won the under 30 awards, under the category of Creative Entrepreneur of the year. Pholar Studios has helped hundreds of startups create a befitting brand identity, revamp their existing identities, and forge a complete visual experience, which will attract new clientele. The company focuses on branding and all its nuances.

In this interview with MARY NNAH, Folagbade, who recently authored the recently released book, “Don’t Call Me Lucky”, talks about his experiences in graphic design, photography, videography, and web design and how they culminated in the services of his newest brand, Worital provides and how in less than a year the brand has worked with over 100 authors not only in Africa but globally.

What inspired your book, ‘Don’t Call Me Lucky’?

The first time I would leave home to live in a new home, a megacity fondly called Eko, I did cartwheels. Lagos! As in Lasgidi the city of money! I had heard how people found their footing financially in Lagos and how easy it was to make money.

I was unprepared for the experiences that Lagos greeted me with. However, it was in Lagos after many nights of being a ready meal for mosquitoes and eating stale and cold food in the chilliness of many long nights that I found my life’s compass. The trajectory of my life changed after many sacrifices, duly paid in full. I am still on the journey of becoming; however, life has taken on new meaning.

Here, I bared my heart, withholding nothing as I share my business hacks and journeys with you. The many failed businesses, the lessons, and how the global brand, Worital was built. I hope you realise as I have; that it is not about what has happened to you, but what you decide to do with those defining moments of your life.

Where can we get the book?

At Amazon and Worital BookPlaze, Gbagada Lagos.

What process went into writing “Don’t Call Me Lucky”?

It was emotional putting the book together. It took me back the memory lane and yeah, reminded me of how strong I am.

Tell us more about the content of the book?

In this book, I shared practical lessons on entrepreneurship and self-employment. I shared insights on how I started and scaled my business from scratch within a short time and how I was able to leverage mentorship and the right network to build healthy relationships. The complete narrative of how I moved from passion to becoming a globally recognised creative entrepreneur.

In my newly released book, I bared it all; my journey from grass to grace. I shared the mistakes I made, the experiences, and the challenges. I also talked about the steps I took to get to where I am today. Writing this book made me travel down memory lane, from how I combined schooling and work. I would go to school during the day and work as a security guard at night. From there, I started working in a company where I had to travel in trucks from state to state. That was how I moved from one menial job to the next until I started my own business.

Are you a first-time author? Otherwise, how did your other books fare?

Yes, I’m a first-time author.

What next now that the book is written?

I want to make sure it reaches the hands of millions.

Tell us a story of your upbringing. One that would wow us and that connects with what you do now.

I was a boy who came into Lagos some years back with just a bag and then became a struggling security guard sleeping outside all night.

Who’s your mentor or favourite author?

My favourite author is Jack Canfield.

What do you think about Worital?

In two years, Worital has recorded so many success stories. Within this short time, Worital has produced and printed over 60,000 books and has worked with prominent figures in different fields. So, be rest assured that from your manuscript to production, in the three major formats known to man – e-book, physical book, an audiobook, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If I wasn’t the founder of Worital, I would have still used Worital for the publication of my book.

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