From Accounting to Acting: How I did it — Anthony Okubo

It’s not every day we see actors from the financial industry attempt a corresponding career in entertainment. The likes of Ediale Kingsley and Kunle Afolayan are rare. While Kunle was actively involved in the banking sector. Kingsley never practiced the accounting he studied in school. So Anthony Okubo is doing what Kunle Afolayan has done successfully. This Ijaw born spoke with us about himself, his plans, his passion, his latest project titled Dear Bed Mate as created by Ediale Kingsley.

Enjoy excerpts below.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world? Let’s know who Anthony Okubo is.

My name is Anthony Ebikapade Okubo. Anthony which means worthy of praise, Ebikapade which means arrival of a very good person in Ijaw Language and Okubo means Money in Ijaw (there is a story behind the name which I will unveil later).

I was born to an Ijaw father and Estakor mother in January 19, 1977 at Agenebode in the then Midwestern region of Bendel State now Edo State.My primary education was partly in Edo, Lagos, Bauchi and Borno States.

My Secondary Schools were partly in Borno and Edo States. My higher institution life was in Edo State.

From Accounting to Acting what’s the inspiration and motivation?

Accounting is what I read in school and I am currently working with. Acting is inborn, a passion, a freedom to create, the liberty to become whatever I want to become in anyplace at anytime. I have been acting all my life from primary school days to drama unit in my Church to independence day celebrations in my office and departmental weeks.

Now I want to climb the ladder in my Passion for acting.

How would you rate Nigeria’s Entertainment industry and why movies for you instead of music, comedy and others?

Hmmm! This is a big question, when we talk about raw talents, I will rate Nigeria Entertainment industry as number one.

The beauty of act and creativity is such that you have the liberty to go through one or the others depending on where you have more passion. Music, comedy and others are equally good in that they have to do with creativity but just that in life, you just have to be well known in something while you carry other things along so that you don’t have to become jack of all trade and master of non.

Growing up did you ever thought you will be starring in a series?

Yes! I thought, I day dreamt, I dreamt, and the reality is before me.

Tell us about the series you have been starred is about?

Yes, the title “Dear Bed Mate” is about husband and wife, the daily challenges they face in the bedroom and the home. How those challenges are overcome.

What next after Dear Bed Mate?

A lot of creative ideas are creeping into my mind right now, I will unveil them when they are ripe. So, please watch out!

Why have you decided to work with Ediale Kingsley and which other actors are you working with?

Ediale Kingsley is someone I have known for his outstanding Character back in our school days. Though a student Accountant, he was into drama and the act of promoting music.

Who are your top 10 internet stars?

In no particular order, I have:
Young elder
Mc Edo pikin
Mc lively
Mc Macaroni
Brain jotter
Warri pikin
Bovi and
House of Ajebo

What are your top 10 nollywood actors?

In no particular order, I have:
Zack orji
Ramsy Noah
Gabriel Afolayan Leonard
Femi Branch
Hilda Dokubo
Akah Nnani
Damilola Ogunsi
Mercy Johnson and
Ada Ameh

Other actors I am working with are Stella Ekwueme, Blessing Nkechi and Anthony Monjaro.

How do you relax?

Gym and Swimming

So the series is about the subjects and objects surrounding a man and wife in their matrimonial bed. Tell us how challenging this role is for you since you saw the script?

It may surprise you that I found this role less challenging because all parties concern are being carried along, when I mean all parties, I am talking about my wife and Children – sorry this was missing in the answer to the first question that I am happily married with two beautiful kids. Also as a relationship expert and adviser, this movie – Dear Bed Mate will showcase my talent not only as an actor, but as a relationship expert.

Any message to your potential fans?

Dream the dream and work towards making it a reality. Hard work pays

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