From Running a Small Shop at 10 to Writing a Best-Selling Business Book: Dr. Festus Odigie- Erewele’s Story

A renowned businessman, Dr. Festus Odigie- Erewele, has shared an inspiring story of his upbringing that left many in awe. At the young age of 10, Dr. Festus Odigie- Erewele began working full-time with his mother, running a small shop on weekends and during half-day school breaks.

One fateful Saturday morning, while on his way to buy bread for the shop, Dr. Festus Odigie- Erewele found himself in a life-threatening situation. Carrying a tray full of bread on his head, he was chased by a ferocious Alsatian dog. With no other route to take, he made the quick decision to jump over a large culvert, not letting a single loaf of bread fall from his tray.

This experience, he said, taught him that he was capable of much more than he ever thought possible. It also instilled in him the belief that excuses were not acceptable for failure and that one’s true potential can only be unlocked through exposure to life’s challenges.

Now, as a successful counselor, motivational speaker, teacher, pastor, and relationship coach, Dr. Festus Odigie- Erewele is determined to empower others to unlock their own hidden potentials. He is also a published author, with his book “BUSINESS UNUSUAL” being hailed as the best business book written by an African in the last 30 years. Chris Iheanyi Okoro is his mentor and Simon Sinek’s “Leaders eat last” is one of his favourite book.

In addition, Dr. Festus Odigie- Erewele also weighed in on the upcoming 2023 presidential election, urging voters to make choices based on leadership qualities rather than tribal or religious affiliations. He also expressed his condolences on the recent death of Ifeanyi Adeleke, and called for reasonable and moral reasoning in discussions surrounding the tragic event. He also mentions he is one of the most intelligent and interesting person you will always want to be with. He is often asked by friends and several pressure groups to come run for the governorship of Edo State. His book is published by Worital. This is what he has to say about the publishing company, “Worital, the celebrity publisher has become a phenomenon in this industry. They have set a standard that will take their nearest competitor a decade to come to I am so proud to be a member of the Worital family.”

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