Legendary Gold Films storms location with All The Broken Parts, Dear Best Friends: Starring Uzor Arukwe, Yvonne Jegede, Gold Arinze-Umobi, Chioma Nwosu, Okey Ozoeshi, Uche Uwefuna, Others

Gold Arinze-Umobi is from a family league of legal practitioners. She also became a lawyer but has since been attracted by the glamour of TV and Films. From starting small in her University days to now owning her own film production outfit called — Legendary Gold Films Ltd. Gold is now set to take the industry by storm. Her love for social change as endeared her towards relatable stories with impacts. Her latest projects are set to give the wow effect. She is trusting Saheed Apanpa to do directorial justice with the coming back to back projects. Enjoy the read, as Ediale Kingsley interviews.

What is your movie about?

Actually, I’m making two movies but the one that is very dear to my heart is titled “all the broken parts”.  It’s a story I can very much relate to as half of the story is built around my personal life experience . So, I feel it’s an avenue to let people know that regardless of what you tag as “deformity”, there’s a lot more to life than building a wall around yourself.

So yea, story is about an introverted lady that has allowed events in her life take a huge toll on her and that affects all her relationships.

Tell us more about your background and what prepared you for film production.

I’m from a legal background. My dad was a legal practitioner before he passed ( God bless his soul, amen). My mum also a legal practitioner and a professor of laws.

So growing up in such environment with all the “ I put it to you”, I had no choice than to join the league.

However, I have always known deep down that I’m a very glamorous person, and being on TV has been a passion I’d want to explore. At a time in uni, I did one and the very last audition, and I felt my personality wouldn’t fit into the nonsense going on (compromising my standard).

Now, by the grace of God, I can finance my own movies and working on my self to be the best as well. That’s all the preparation there is.

Sell your project

Also tell us about your production crew and cast? Why should people be prepared to watch the movies you are about putting out?

The projects I’m working on are very relatable to the events of life. I’m someone who wants perfection even though no one or nothing is really perfect so to say. However, I believe the stories are very good and top notch and with the right team which I’m very confident in, audience wouldn’t be disappointed.

There are lessons to be learned in all the projects. Making movies for me, isn’t just about movie making, it goes beyond that and we can only find out when we watch isn’t it?

Saheed Apanpa is one of the best in the industry and he’s the one I have entrusted these projects with.

What’s your ultimate career goals?

As someone who’s very driven, I have so many positive goals. However, I will only narrow this down to just film making. My career goal in the movie industry is to own a Netflix kind of platform, in a couple of years.

Tell us about your support system.

What’s the best way people can get in touch with you?

My husband and kids. My precious mother.

My kids keep me going. Being a mother to my kids is my super power. I don’t know anyone who can do the job better than me.Also people can get through to me via my social media platform which I have just created on instagram — @goldchiaku, @legendarygoldfilms

Why film making and what other things do you do?

I work with Amazon presently. I also have my own business.

A word for people who want to be like you.

There’s nothing like a determined mind. Be relentless and persistent . Hard work and determination do it for me. Above all, put God first in anything you do.

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