Governor Otu Vows to Revitalize Neglected Cross River Hospital

The administration led by Governor Bassey Otu is committed to improving healthcare accessibility in local communities. This dedication was evident when government representatives visited the long-abandoned General Hospital in Eso-Bendege community, located in Boki Local Government Area. During the visit, a promise was made to initiate efforts to restore the facility, ensuring it becomes capable of delivering essential medical services.

The assurance was conveyed by the Commissioner for Health, Dr. Henry Egbe Ayuk, on behalf of the government during a recent inspection of the hospital.

Dr. Ayuk emphasized that the 100-bed hospital stands as the sole secondary public healthcare facility in Boki Local Government Area. He highlighted that once renovated and operational, the general hospital will be instrumental in meeting the healthcare needs of not only Eso-Bendege but also the surrounding communities, including Nsadop, Boje, Bansan Osokom, Buanchor, Kataba, and others.

Encouraging local community leaders to maintain close oversight of the facility, the Health Commissioner assured them that the government would conduct a comprehensive assessment of the facility at the appropriate time to prepare it for full operation.

Dr. Ayuk directed the community to ensure regular cleaning of the site to prevent overgrowth of vegetation, minimize the risk of fires, and prevent potential encounters with reptiles and other hazardous creatures.

In response, Engr. Augustine Ajom, a representative of the community, expressed gratitude to the State Government for remembering the neglected hospital. He pledged to commence comprehensive healthcare services at the facility in the near future and assured the State Government of the community’s continued vigilance over the property while anticipating swift government intervention.

Ajom conveyed his community’s appreciation to the government, emphasizing that the commitment to rejuvenate the hospital signaled positive developments for the people, as it would bring government presence to the grassroots level.

Situated on an expansive site, designed to accommodate all hospital functions, the Eso-Bendege General Hospital is strategically positioned to cater to the medical needs of the Eso-Bendege community and neighboring areas within Boki Local Government Area.

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