Group: Tinubu’s Statements Criticized as Poetic Jargons Lacking Intelligence

The Social Rehabilitation Group (SRG) defended All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu’s controversial statements, referred to as “unintelligent” by critics, as poetic jargon. Yesterday, videos of Tinubu’s speeches, including the phrase “Ba la blu” and other unrecognizable words, circulated on social media during his presidential campaign.

At the inaugural meeting of SRG, the Convener, Mr. Oludare Marindoti, addressed attendees virtually. He explained that although certain words may not make sense on their own, the context in which they were used corresponds and makes sense, similar to poetic language. He also warned Nigerian youths to be cautious of the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, claiming that Obi is misleading them. Marindoti also emphasized that the purpose of SRG is to educate Nigerians about misinformation circulating on social media, particularly concerning Tinubu, and how to identify fake news.

“SRG is dedicated to promoting social awareness and cultural advancement. We aim to intervene before situations deteriorate. Education is our method of achieving this. We want to teach people how to identify and avoid misinformation that can harm their minds,” he said.

Source: ThisDay Live

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