Here’s what we have in store for you: As he comes through with second episode of Don Jazzy Radio on Apple Music, People applauded Afrobeats legend Don Jazzy.

As Don Jazzy released second episode of his monthly radio series on Apple Music 1 called Don Jazzy Radio, Afrobeats legendary producer, entrepreneur, and Mavin Records founder
Apple music announces.

In Episode 2 Don Jazzy charts the rich history of Lagos, Benin and Port Harcourt and the voices critical in shaping Afropop’s global journey. Alongside his co-host, Mavin’s DJ Big N, Don Jazzy interviews Nigerian duo, Ajebo Hustlers, whose music is an eclectric mixture of Afrobeat and highlife, and features tracks from Jay-Z, Burna Boy, Durella, Bigiano, Crayon and more!

Don Jazzy Radio will offer the best of what’s next, what’s new and the golden age of Afrobeats, all curated by The Don himself, which listeners can enjoy through his regular features called Quick Bites, The Don’s Blessing and Pick of The Week, as well as exclusive guest interviews and fan-centred experiences.

Don Jazzy Radio will be available monthly on Apple Music from Monday, August 22 at 9p PST /Tuesday, August 23 at 5am WAT. Discover Don Jazzy Radio on Apple Music.


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