House of Diberr: Redefining Men’s Fashion in Nigeria and Making an Impact on the Industry

Bolanle Deji-Jemiyo, the CEO of House of Diberr, a Nigerian men’s fashion and gifting e-commerce platform, has highlighted the company’s core responsibilities, vision, and impact during an interview with our correspondent. Bolanle emphasized the importance of engaging every person in their ecosystem on customer centricity, vision casting, and clarifying what winning means to them.

She also shared the motivation behind establishing the company, which was to solve a need for excellent quality men’s fashion at the right price and ease the burden of finding, selecting, and packaging gifts for men.

House of Diberr aims to contribute to the growth of Nigeria’s economy by creating employment opportunities, knowledge and skill exchange programs, increasing foreign revenue from international sales, and showcasing African culture with native attires. However, the CEO mentioned over-reliance on imported raw materials, a lack of skilled labor force, and the energy crisis as some of the challenges facing the Nigerian fashion industry.

Bolanle also highlighted the faster pace of fashion technology innovations, such as robots that sew and cut fabric, AI algorithms that predict style trends, and clothes for virtual reality. She cited one of their manufacturers’ fully automated production line as an example of precision and excellent craftsmanship.

Regarding how House of Diberr ensures excellent customer service, the CEO emphasized having a committed and customer-centric team, using cutting-edge technology for touchpoints, and mining data and feedback from customer journeys to continuously improve products and services. Bolanle’s vision is to raise the bar and redefine quality while bringing an amazing range of exclusive and excellent quality men’s fashion to the digital space at an amazing price. She sees House of Diberr as making a positive impact on the Nigerian fashion industry by contributing to its growth and showcasing African culture.

Femi Jacobs was appointed as the HOD’s Brand Ambassador, and he expressed his excitement about his new role during the clothing line launch event. He shared his thoughts on the untapped potential within the fashion industry, highlighting the vast opportunities available. Additionally, Deji Jemiyo spoke at the event and acknowledged the significant efforts his wife has contributed to the brand. Deji hinted that the team had dedicated a great deal of time and effort to develop and execute the brand’s strategy especially towards ensuring all the items on sale at HOD are top class and of great taste.

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