How Network Engineering is changing the game of Technology – Emmanuel Alamu

Network Engineering, a rapidly growing and innovative field has evolved drastically in the last years from what it used to be and has become a critical part of technology in today’s world.

Network Engineering is the act of building and scaling data networks. A network engineer is responsible for creating, deploying and automating networks that will enable data to move swiftly between different data centers.

There’s the utmost need for creators and experts of latest technologies to understand network engineering.

Network engineer skills may seem relatively synonymous with software developer skills, but the two tracks differ, as engineers focus more on building and maintaining architecture, while developers create and build programs.

For developers, learning the basics of network engineering may have been optional in the past, but today it is mandatory. If you want to be a more agile, effective developer, you need to understand network engineering fundamentals.

The days of shipping your code by throwing it over the fence for the networking teams to handle the aftermath are gone. Nowadays, no matter where you go, you’ll likely have to come into contact with some form of operations.

The field of network engineering is broad and complex. Engineers devote their entire lives to learning about complex network topologies, routing protocols and hardware configurations.

To provide the maximum network infrastructure is the main goal for a network engineer. The major subject is Computer Science to become a Computer Network Engineer.

This type of network engineering deals to making plan, design and some technological specification related to network and connectivity. That’s why a network engineer has more responsibilities than any other type of engineers. Their job is to giving the world a better network to sustain on the server and doing activities for the users.

Emmanuel Alamu, Africa’s foremost Network Engineering Expert is a member of the Internet Society (ISOC) International and Nigeria. He is the Chief executive officer of NetEng Solutions, a network and internet solution providing company in Lagos, Nigeria. Emmanuel is an active volunteer at the Internet Society Global Volunteer Training Program on Community Networks. He is the president of The Emmanuel Alamu Network Academy (TEANA) where he has trained and certified hundreds of young people to become network engineers.

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