How Ik Ogbonna, Ufuoma Mcdermott, Onyi Alex, Timini Egbuson, Nini Mbonu star in Pandoras Box movie — Producer Udorah

Tell us about this new project and your role in it.

Its a project that was born as a result of my passion for good movies. Although nollywood is evolving and has greatly improved in the last few years, I still believe I can contribute my own quota to give viewers movies that will worth their time. My role in this project as an individual is that of a producer and as a company (Horocon Media Productions) that of an Executive Producer.

How is life as a first time producer?

Well, I would say interesting. Not an wasy road I must admit, as the first timers syndrome played its part. Generally exciting but the challenges were there to distract me but I made sure the goal became the most important factor.

Will you do this again? And what would you do differently?

Oh yes and yes I will do again and again, Infact we’ve come to stay. A lot of things to do differently, starting from proper planning, proper budgeting, background checks of the team, especially the crew to know their antecedents. That will help us make informed decision on who we’ll work with. These are key to successful project execution.

Tell us more about yourself?

Ok! My name is Engr. John Chukwuemeka Udorah. I am an Engineer by profession. A COREN Registered Engineer, a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, port harcourt branch and also a member of the Association of Movie Producers, lagos state. I am the Group Managing Director of Horocon Industries, a parent company to Horocon Media productions Ltd, Horocon Integrated Energy services Ltd and Horocon Agro Limited. I am a native of Oba in Anambra State, A husband of one wife and Father of two princesses so far..

Tell us about the movie release plan? And the platforms to expect the project.

Well, Pandoras box release plans are under way already, working towards 1st october 2021. So our publicity/advertorials were in progress since 1st September to run for a month through September, in anticipation of 1st october release. This project is to be expected in as many cinemas in Nigeria as possible, also If God permits we hope to get into Netflix.

What actors did you use and why?

A few of our Cast include Ik Ogbonna, Ufuoma Mcdermott, Onyi Alex, Timini Egbuson, Nini Mbonu amongst others. They are all great actors who have distinguished themselves in the industry by mastering their craft and using it well, most of them are also faces people want to see and the entertainment is for the people.

Why the script? Share the synopsis with us.

Great script I must say,I read a total of 6 scripts but of Pandoras box caught my attention being something that happens in our society and also having a lesson to take home. For light summary a broken heart (Male) meets a pretty medical doctor who has everything going on for her and falls deeply in love with her but soon realises she is the link to his painful past as the pandora box opens.Let me stop here (Laughs).

Tega of BBN is in the news. Trending for many things and now intends to resume acting fully. If available for your next film would you offer her a script?

Why not? I mean if she fits in properly for the role and can deliver what is needed then its fine.I mean this is work/business and a very different entity from the home.

Tell us about the shooting. Any weird or interesting story happen during the principal photography?

Oh Yes! If there is a period during the movie production process i dont like to remember, its the shooting stage. Started out interesting with much fun, then some wierd things happened, anger/ anxiety sets in, we had to strike and reschedule for a later date to finish up, it wasn’t funny but thank God we made it this far.

What’s been your take considering the movies we have been taking to platforms like Netflix and Cinema?

Like I said earlier Nollywood is evolving rapidly and they have improved greatly from what we used to know, a lot of good movies are out there in the Cinemas and netflix. A lot of persons especially those that have access to huge funds are making good movies, movies that can compete in the global stage.So yes it is really getting much better.

Who are your top 5 Nigerian Directors these days?

Well. I have some directors I admire maybe ofcourse we will like to work with them in the future.In no particular order I think : Kunle Afolayan, Kemi Adetiba, Baba Tope Seyi, Yul Edochie, Moses Inwang and Goodnews Erico Isika..I admire them and others too, hopefully we get to work together.

Tell us about your next moves.

My next moves….Well I have learnt alot from this first production, I am interested now more than ever to produce another movie, applying past lessons.So yes making more and better movies is part of my next moves, something viewers will be proud of.

Did you partner with anyone for this project?

Sure we did, As the saying goes “if u want to go far you go together “.though we started out alone, but somewhere along the line,My good brother and friend Dr. Wisdom J .N Okoye, PhD, CEO ETGSL group caught the vision, then came on board to make sure the vision became reality. He is a great ally and we look forward to more collaborations.

How do you relax?

As an instrumentalist I like good music so I listen a lot and most importantly I like to seat out and listen to live band play. I watch movies too. I visit some comic pages online just to get a good laugh. Travelling is one of them, this opens your eyes and mind to different perspectives

Engr. John Chukwuemeka Udorah

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