Just in: Saro to be prolonged on Netflix According to director Kunle Afolayan.

Catch the thrill with me as I enjoy my Fresh pop corns, on a very cool evening while I sit on the Couch to enjoy this Latest released movie.

You cant tell me that you wouldn’t want to be thrilled by a movie that sends Betrayers and thieves to hell, since hell is really a place where people are burnt eternally, Yeah! I meant being murdered at the Spot
Saro A.k.a Anikulapo is a Very favoured tailor that got engaged with jobs from the King himself,

Along side he fell in Love with one of the King’s wife she loved him so much and they made sweet love with each other, as she kept on seeing him secretly. They had sex, the King’s wife got pregnant for Saro A.k.a Anikulapo the Villagers heard about it, the rumour travelled everywhere in the village he was tagged a betrayer and the people seeked his death immediately

Saro was killed yet revived but I wont be telling the rest of the story as I want you to see what’s in store I recommend it for you.

Fans of Kunle Afolayan’s new Netflix hit Anikulapo are in for more excitement as the filmmaker has confirmed a spin-off series in the works.

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In an Instagram live chat with members of the cast, Afolayan shared that the film was originally intended to be a series but the former was created as an audience test.

Set in the ancient Oyo empire, Anikulapo follows an ambitious young man’s quest for fame and fortune. The Netflix original starring Kunle Remi, Bimbo Ademoye, Sobowale and an enviable list of veteran Yoruba-language film stars, debuted on October 1, to instant acclaim from critics and film lovers.

The film also maintained an impressive top 10 spot in over five countries including the United Kingdom, Kenya, Nigeria and the Bahamas.

Source: Pulse.ng

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