Kazai Organics, The Natural Skincare Brand Transforming Lives Across Continents

In a captivating interview, Feyisayo Oyebisi, a certified natural skincare formulator, unveiled the story and vision behind Kazai Organics, an indigenous natural skincare brand dedicated to enhancing the well-being and appearance of families in Africa and Europe.

Kazai Organics was established in 2015 with a profound mission to provide lovingly handcrafted skincare products that address various skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and psoriasis. To date, the brand has touched the lives of 50,000 families across these regions, offering safe and natural products designed to heal and nourish the skin.

Feyisayo’s inspiration to launch this unique venture was deeply personal. As a teenager, she grappled with eczema and adolescent acne. Her quest for effective solutions led her to experiment with natural ingredients readily available in her kitchen, including nectar from flowers and aloe vera gel. These experiments yielded positive results and marked the beginning of her journey into natural skincare. Additionally, her experiences as a makeup artist exposed her to clients seeking advice on skin care. This inspired her to explore natural kitchen ingredients like tomato, cocoa powder, and oatmeal, culminating in what she referred to as a “DIY skincare regimen.” The turning point occurred when a mentor gifted her a book, revealing the vast world of skincare products derived from natural and botanical ingredients. This ignited her passion to create a brand that embraced the richness of nature.

The name “Kazai Organics” carries a distinct charm, inspired by one of Job’s daughters, Kazai, spelled Keziah but pronounced as “Kazai.” This unique name is easy to remember and possesses a broad range of meanings, connecting with themes such as earth, nature, beauty, and natural. It is both distinctive and easily pronounceable, ensuring that it leaves a lasting impression.

Kazai Organics’ product range encompasses high-performing solutions crafted for the family’s overall well-being and designed to combat various skin conditions. Among their offerings, the “Natural Glow Body Butter” stands out as a bestseller. The “Soothe to Smooth” toner, “Acne Oil,” “Lip Gesture 101,” “Beard Oil,” and two variants of masks, “Covered in Green” and “Covered in Black,” provide a comprehensive selection to cater to diverse skin needs. The “Coffee Scrub Club” offers an anti-aging face and coffee scrub.

What distinguishes Kazai Organics from competitors is their unwavering commitment to utilizing natural ingredients and botanicals to create effective products. The effects may be gradual, but they are enduring. The business name’s uniqueness extends to its internet presence; a search for “Kazai” yields no Nigerian skincare brand with a similar name.

The transition from Fedora Organics to Kazai Organics represented a significant turning point. The change necessitated a complete rebranding, including logos, brand colors, and overall design to align with the new name. The brand has since thrived, moving steadily forward.

A notable customer success story showcases the brand’s ability to address skin issues effectively. A mother approached Kazai Organics with concerns about her two teenagers suffering from severe acne due to puberty. Instead of rushing to make a sale, the brand engaged in a thorough consultation to identify the root causes of the skin issues. With the right approach and the use of the “Acne Oil” and hydrating toner, the teenagers’ skin significantly improved.

In addition to its products, Kazai Organics actively participates in the “Feed a Widow” annual campaign. They have crafted specialized body butter for widows and offered financial support to the campaign over the years.

Kazai Organics’ future aspirations are expansive, aiming to be a household name in Africa, Europe, and beyond. They plan to launch a school for training seasoned skincare formulators and a niche focus on anti-aging products.

Potential clients can connect with Kazai Organics via social media pages and contact them through their email address and phone number. The brand conveys the message that “you are what you eat,” emphasizing the direct link between inner well-being and skin health. They encourage individuals to invest in their skincare by paying attention to both their diet and the products they apply to their bodies.

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