The global real estate market is valued at $3.8 trillion this year. The projected value by 2030 is estimated to be $5.85 trillion. A quick look at some of the world’s wealthiest individuals reveals that most have investments in real estate, and the industry has made many individuals millionaires and a few billionaires. In Nigeria, the real estate sector is valued at about 5.3 billion dollars based on statistics made available by the National Bureau of Statistics for Quarter 1 in 2021.

The technology industry’s growth has seen many young individuals become financially independent in recent years. However, real estate has been around for longer and continues to thrive. It also requires less expertise to get your share of the pie compared to the tech industry, and that is why Kelkey Global has chosen this route to raise many millionaires among young people.

Kelkey Global Limited is a company where aspiring realtors are trained to become professional and expert realtors. It is a place where individuals undergo training to become productive and global leaders. Precious E. Okojie founded Kelkey Global Limited in February 2021 and, within a year, has earned commendations from partners and investors. So far, the company has trained over two hundred realtors who have become Chief Executive Officers (C.E.O) and are doing this successfully through her academy. They have also successfully invested over two billion naira (2,000,000,000) for their investors and have made a hundred percent profit. Kelkey Global Limited has also earned the goodwill of other real estate companies and built robust relationships with them.

The academy is not only doing great things for the public and realtors but is also creating a wealthy funnel that will change the lives of investors. Kelkey Global Academy is geared towards driving professional realtors into the real estate business to create an innovative environment. Sometimes, the problem is not about having all the knowledge. It is about taking the right step and action to advance you to success. Applying knowledge fosters an individual’s growth and gives extraordinary results. That is why practice is the watchword at Kelkey Global Academy. They provide the best training for realtors and teach them the fundamentals of building wealth.

Some of the fantastic benefits the academy provides are giving students direct opportunity to become partners, get certified as real estate consultants, and enjoy all expenses paid travels, retreats, and seminars. Others include access to real estate guides, earning commissions running into millions, and also have access to free mentorship from expert partners. So far, the firm has trained over a hundred realtors who have gone on to become partners and are on their path to financial freedom.

Successful entrepreneurs are those with successful habits. At Kelkey Academy, you will learn to think outside the box and leave your comfort zone to live your best life. You will be taught the business hacks, methods, and strategies to win the heart of investors to get mega deals and contracts. The academy provides value to students irrespective of their investment and treats every student with equal enthusiasm, ensuring that value is not jeopardized. Verifying your knowledge is a crucial part of learning. Our courses and programs provide a space to practice with assessments, a virtual environment, onsite inspection, partnership, and more.

You can intimate yourself with a few reviews by our students and partners below:

“I am Happiness Eluwa, a partner at Kelkey Global. As a trained partner, I have enjoyed flexible, educative, informative, and standard training. Thank you, Kelkey Global Academy.”

“I am Shauntelle, a partner at Kelkey Global Academy. I joined the company in February with no clear knowledge about real estate, and this company taught me all there is to know; and it has been a smooth ride so far. I have built my self-confidence and enhanced my communication skills. I am thanking Kelkey for the massive learning and teaching.”

With a tremendous success track record within a short time, Kelkey Global Academy is set to empower 1,000 lucky Africans through real estate. It is your opportunity to develop your career skills with the proper training and enjoy the benefits

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