King Charles Lambert unveils Plan for Pan African Job Centre to Generate 300 million Employment Opportunities for African youth.

Charles N Lambert, the inventor of Compassionate Capitalism, a promising investment opportunity, has announced the establishment of the Pan African Job Centre, an initiative aimed at reducing youth unemployment in Africa through the creation of over 300 million jobs across the continent.

Charles N Lambert, also known as “The African Oracle,” has announced that the Pan African Job Centre will create jobs through the 28 principles of Compassionate Capitalism, an economic system he founded. Recognizing that unemployment is the major issue facing Africa, Lambert hopes that this new initiative will provide African youth with job opportunities in 28 sectors, by providing them with certificates after completing an intensive training program.

King Lambert announced that the Pan African Job Centre has been launched online and will soon be established offline with physical locations across various African countries. King Lambert also stated that this initiative will aid in the development of industries and control production. He stated, “It’s no secret that we are the richest continent in the world.” This will be achieved by collaborating with India to provide job opportunities for over 300 million African youth within the 28 sectors of Compassionate Capitalism. King Lambert previously announced a partnership called The India/Africa Technology Pact. This partnership will see Black Wall Street employ one million Indians to work towards improving the lives of Africans.

“It’s no secret that Indians possess the best work ethic in the world. They are the best customer service people, and platform workers, and will introduce innovative solutions that will change every sector in the Compassionate Capitalism ranks,” King Lambert announced. He added that this approach will be a “bottom-up consumer solution.”

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to empower Africans and break away from European capitalism, which has held Africa back. This will be achieved by providing investment opportunities within the 28 sectors, ultimately leading to African Capitalism Independence.

Black Wall Street (BWS) is utilizing capital as a production factor. King Lambert declared, “Investment is the vaccine for poverty.” UPAP is a share in the entire business operations of Black Wall Street, with a value of $100 per month in dividends and $30,000 in cash-out value. UPAP can be obtained through 20,000 investment points earned from purchases at the Redirect Mall.

Source: Vanguard News

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