Nifemi Ojo Enterprise Launches Revolutionary CAC Registration Services, Making Business Owners’ Lives Easier Than Ever

NIFEMI OJO ENTERPRISE, a leading provider of business registration services, has just launched a revolutionary new service that makes it easier than ever for business owners to get their businesses registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The new service, called CAC Registrations, promises to help business owners obtain their CAC certificates within 1-7 days without any issues.


Oluwanifemi Ebenezer Ojo, the founder of NIFEMI OJO ENTERPRISE, brings a wealth of experience to the table. He began his primary education at St. Peter’s Primary school, Irun Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria. After completing his primary education, he moved to Ilemopo Comprehensive High School Irun Akoko, where he had his secondary education. While in junior secondary, he was made the assistant senior prefect of the school, where he ensured the school was in order and helped teachers in building more disciplined and educated students.

He then moved to the senior secondary, where he served as the President of the Culture and Tourism group, the school fellowship President, and a member of the Press Club of the school. Oluwanifemi then gained admission to study Quantity Surveying at the Federal University of Technology Akure. He was appointed as the coordinator of his level in the fellowship back in the 100 level, acting choir coordinator for the fellowship at the 200 level, and finally choir coordinator of the fellowship at the 300 level.

As a choir coordinator during his college years, Nifemi was able to unite the choir unit and improve communication and relationships among members. After completing his national youth service at a construction company, Nifemi found himself working as a security guard to make ends meet. However, his financial struggles only worsened when he ventured into a business and lost a significant amount of money.

Feeling defeated and unable to support himself, Nifemi turned to his mother for financial assistance. After a brief period of time at home, Nifemi decided to return to his base and take control of his financial situation. He began to offer quality services online and was able to turn his fortunes around.

Today, Nifemi is a successful entrepreneur, using his experiences to help others achieve their own financial independence. He is a shining example of determination and the power of not giving up.

“Our goal is to make the process of getting a CAC registration as easy and stress-free as possible for business owners,” said Oluwanifemi. “With our service, business owners can rest assured that their registration is in good hands and that they will receive their CAC certificate quickly and efficiently.”

In addition to the registration service, NIFEMI OJO ENTERPRISE also offers training programs to teach people how to start carrying out CAC registrations and profit from them. The target audience of this service ranges from SMEs and companies to non-profit organizations.

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