NIPOST Cracks Down on Unauthorized Courier Companies in Lagos”

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has resumed its crackdown on illegal courier operators in Lagos through its Courier and Logistics Regulatory Department (CLRD). The CLRD has reassured industry stakeholders that it is working to clean up the industry by removing unlicensed operators. The crackdown, which began last week in Lagos, is being carried out in accordance with section 43 of the NIPOST Act 2004 and the Regulatory Guidelines 2020 and will take place nationwide.

A team of officials from NIPOST, the Force Criminal Intelligence Investigation Department (FCIID), Alagbon Ikoyi, and armed mobile police conducted a clampdown on unregistered and unlicensed courier and logistics services. During the raid, which lasted for several hours, several operators were arrested and handed over to the FCIID for prosecution. The charges against those arrested include economic sabotage, unethical practices, illegal operations, and conspiracy. Following the clampdown, the General Manager of the Courier and Logistics Regulatory Department, Mr. Dotun Shonde, who was representing the Postmaster General of the Federation/CEO of NIPOST, expressed concern about the reckless behavior and unethical practices of the apprehended operators.

“The individuals arrested during the raid in Lagos were caught off guard and their records reveal a history of illegal activity in the courier business,” said Shonde. He emphasized the need to continue to clean up the postal market by consistently cracking down on these practices nationwide. He listed various unethical practices, such as price undercutting, theft, damage, loss, and dumping of customer items, poaching and subletting of operating licenses, and a high number of public complaints about customers being duped or scammed. He also noted that some of the illegal activities include the carriage of illicit drugs and prohibited items such as firearms, gold, money, and obscene items. Operating without a license from NIPOST is illegal and a crime against the state and federal government and such practices will not be tolerated, he added.

He made it known that similar enforcement operation is being conducted in other states of the federation.

Source: ThisDay Live

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