NNPP Denies Sponsoring London Protest, Highlights Patriotic Intentions

The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) has rejected claims that it sponsored the recent protest held at the Nigeria High Commission in London on October 1. The NNPP clarified that the protesters were patriotic Nigerians residing abroad who were expressing their dissatisfaction with the Kano tribunal’s judgment.

The National Coalition of All Progressives Congress (APC) Stakeholders had criticized the London protest, which was organized in response to the election petition tribunal’s decision invalidating Governor Abba Yusuf’s election in Kano State.

In response to these allegations, Mr. Ladipo Johnson, a prominent member of the NNPP, disagreed with the APC stakeholders. He argued that the protesters’ actions were a legitimate expression of their concerns regarding perceived injustices in the Kano governorship election verdict.

Johnson, in a statement, emphasized the importance of recognizing the significance of protests in a democratic society, even when organized by a single individual. He stressed that freedom of speech, expression, and protest were essential components of a democratic system.

He stated, “To our knowledge, these protesters are Nigerians residing abroad who simply decried what they perceived as an act of injustice, as they conveyed through their placards. Clearly, they were not the typical rented crowd often associated with the APC but genuine patriots who brought attention, both domestically and internationally, to a perceived injustice. It is only reasonable to consider their messages for redress.”

Johnson also pointed out that the protest had evidently struck a nerve with the APC, as seen in their negative reactions. However, he clarified that the protesters aimed to highlight the need for the Nigerian judiciary to maintain true independence and not to undermine or challenge the judiciary or any government agencies.

In summary, the NNPP asserted that the London protest served to draw global attention to concerns of justice and independence within the Nigerian judicial system, contrary to negative interpretations by the APC.

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