Northern Senators Express Concern Over Akpabio’s Ability to Counter ‘Yorubanisation’ of Financial System

Recent reports have shed light on the controversy surrounding Senate President Godswill Akpabio, with suspicions arising about his ability to counter what some Northern senators refer to as the ‘Yorubanisation’ of the country’s financial system and economy.

It is understood that there have been various conspiracy theories suggesting that certain senators are plotting against Akpabio’s leadership.

Nevertheless, the Senate has denied these reports, asserting that lawmakers stand united behind Akpabio’s leadership.

Despite the denials, new information from Daily Sun suggests that some senators are dissatisfied with the Senate leader due to his perceived inability to address the dominance of the Yoruba community in the financial sector. Additionally, they are concerned about his handling of powerful interest groups, including some petroleum importers and electricity distribution companies involved in proposed financial deals related to a 40 percent electricity tariff increase and the settlement of outstanding payments to fuel importers.

Among the senators purportedly regrouping to challenge Senator Akpabio’s leadership are former governors from the North and at least one from the South-South region.

The group has officially chosen Senator Elisha Abbo, representing APC, Adamawa North, as its spokesperson.

During the weekend, Abbo, in newspaper interviews, accused Akpabio of favoring his rivals in the leadership contest and their supporters in the allocation of committee positions.

Sources within the group, speaking on the condition of anonymity, revealed, “Our primary concern is that Akpabio may not be capable of addressing the ongoing ‘Yorubanisation’ of the financial system.”

The source also noted, “Yes, the reason you see many Northerners involved is that most of those being replaced with Yoruba individuals are from the North.”

It was further gathered that the senators’ objective is to install a Senate President they believe can counterbalance President Bola Tinubu.

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