Olunloyo Expresses Concerns over Nigeria’s Challenges and Judiciary’s Role

Dr. Omololu Victor Olunloyo, a former governor of Old Oyo State, shared his perspective on Nigeria’s complex challenges, expressing disappointment in the judiciary, which he believes should be the common man’s last hope but has often turned out to be the last disappointment.

During an informal conversation at his residence in Ibadan, the lively octogenarian, currently recovering from illness, emphasized the urgent need for divine intervention to address the twin scourges of corruption and poverty plaguing the country.

Affectionately known as “Baba Olunloyo” by his followers, he holds an uninterrupted first-class academic record in Engineering and Mathematics from St Andrews University in the United Kingdom. He laid blame on the nation’s greedy political class and their followers for leading Nigeria into avoidable woes.

Dr. Olunloyo’s insights shed light on the pressing challenges faced by Nigeria and the crucial role of the judiciary in addressing them, highlighting the need for transformation and divine intervention to pave the way for a better future.

“How can one know the answer to that? How to solve Nigeria’s problems..? I wish the answer was simple. I am a mathematician, an engineer, and a politician.

“I have also been a public servant of many years of experience. Yet, one cannot say this is the shortcut to solving Nigeria’s problems.

“But there is nothing God cannot do. Those in public office should always remember they are not there for stealing or self-enrichment. We can start from there.”

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