Ondo Deputy Governor Raises Concerns About Governor Akeredolu’s Finances During Medical Leave

The Deputy Governor of Ondo State, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, has reportedly raised questions regarding the earnings and expenditures of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu while he is away on medical leave. This development has sparked criticisms from government officials loyal to Governor Akeredolu, according to Vanguard.

As previously reported, Governor Akeredolu is currently undergoing medical treatment abroad and has temporarily transferred power to his deputy, with plans to return to the country on July 6.

Sources reveal that Aiyedatiwa has been undermining the authority of the governor’s office through his actions and decisions. An anonymous source stated, “We are not concerned about the political turmoil within the government. Our priority is ensuring due process. The governor’s office does not directly instruct us to release funds.”

The source further explained that there are established procedures for financial disbursements in the government, and all approvals must go through the Ministry of Finance. While the deputy governor receives a running grant monthly, he has allegedly demanded that the governor’s running grant and other emoluments associated with the office of the governor be handed over to him as the acting governor.

In recent encounters with government officials, the deputy governor reportedly summoned and threatened two officials, inquiring about the governor’s spending and demanding information on how funds allocated to the governor’s office are disbursed. The deputy governor believes he is entitled to two streams of funding and insists that the governor’s office allocation should be included as part of his role as the acting governor.

However, the officials explained that even the governor’s office follows proper financial protocols, routing its approvals through the Ministry of Finance. Despite attempts to educate the deputy governor on these financial procedures and responsible use of public funds, he continues to persistently demand immediate funds.

The situation between the deputy governor and government officials highlights the need for adherence to established financial protocols and responsible governance in the state.

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