Police Seal All Local Government Area Secretariats in Plateau State Amid Leadership Conflict

In response to an ongoing leadership dispute, the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has taken the decision to seal off all 17 local government area secretariats in Plateau State.

The order was issued by Usman Baba, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), following the suspension of the council chairmen. Plateau Police Command spokesperson, Alfred Alabo, confirmed the seal-up of the secretariats in a statement.

The crisis emerged after Caleb Mutfwang, the Governor of Plateau, approved the immediate suspension of the 17 local government area leadership structures. The suspension was implemented to facilitate an investigation by the State House of Assembly.

Governor Mutfwang stated that the decision to suspend the chairmen was a result of their failure to produce the necessary documents pertaining to financial transactions within the secretariats.

According to the police, the seal-up of the secretariats became necessary due to the unruly behavior exhibited by the suspended chairmen and their supporters.

Alabo, speaking on behalf of the police, stated, “The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) on the Plateau cannot stand by and allow things to deteriorate under its watch. Hence, the critical decision to seal off the local government secretariats.”

He further added, “The Inspector General of Police has instructed the Plateau Commissioner of Police, Bartholomew Onyeka, to seal off all the secretariats of the local government areas in the state.”

This action has been taken due to the tension surrounding the leadership of the councils and the potential threats posed by supporters to critical infrastructure, as well as lives and properties in the state.

Alabo emphasized that the police will take action against anyone who attempts to violate the order, regardless of their societal status.

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