ProBank Cleaning Services: Why Nigerians Trust This Company

Our services are the best your money can buy, because we render high quality of service and we don’t manage manage materials so you are guaranteed of a very high quality cleaning service’ . Tsekiri Blessing Eric, CEO of the ProBank Cleaning Ventures is a man that ticks all the great boxes. Hear him:

Who is your Childhood Influence and what prepared you for this business?

My dad is my childhood influence and house chores prepared me for this business to because from childhood I have been very much active with house chores

Why Did You Get Into Cleaning Services?

I love to clean my environment, it my passion even when am tired and need rest,if my environment is unkept I make sure I do the cleaning before resting

Inspiration Behind Your Professional Cleaning Services?

There is this saying that if you want the best do it yourself. After I finished my O level education, I worked for several companies. At that time in life I was ready to start a business with the capital I have but then I was unable to go ahead with my plans because I have a lot of responsibilities, so I asked myself what kind of business will I do with little or no cash and that will aid me in taking care of my responsibilities while still working because I work night shift. So the came the opportunity to work as a presser for dry-cleaning firm during the day, so I took the offer, worked for a year while maintaining night duty job. The following year I started my own dry-cleaning service from home I was making money so I rented a showroom. At this stage my expenses has gone up so I said to myself wat can I do to generate more income to help keep the business runnings smoothly and that will be closely related to the dry-cleaning service am currently into and that will cost me little or no cash. The question that came to mind at that moment was what am I very good at domestically? that i can use to generate income, so clean came handy. So i called my sister told her about my idea she called a friend and that was how I was linked to someone in need of a house cleaning service, so the journey begins.

Tell Us About The Journey So Far

The journey has been good so far, though I might not be where I want to be but am definitely not where I used to be. Since the first cleaning job I have done quite a few jobs. 2020/2021 I Did seven(7) cleaning jobs and that’s the highest number of cleaning jobs I’ve done so, so good so far

Tell Us About Your Service

Our services are the best your money can buy, because we render high quality of service and we don’t manage manage materials so you are guaranteed of a very high quality cleaning service.

Tell Us About Your Challenge

One of the major challenge in this business is trust, that is customer trusting you enough to allow you into their home. You see it one thing to get a potential customer and another to get a trusting customer. Another challenge is customers are not always willing to pay your valued fee.

What Other Project And Activities Are You Into?

Am an interior decorator (house painting) and thinking of going into construction in the future

What Do You Enjoy Most About This Job?

After giving a service to a customer and he or she is satisfied and goes ahead to recommend me to another customer, that’s what I call progress

Three People That you Inspire

My Dad very hard-working man
My mom too
And me

Are You For The Rich Or Poor Market?

I will say am quite affordable

To Young People Who Want To Go Into Your Line Of Businesses

Three words:

If You Could Change One Thing In The Cleaning Services Business. What Will That Be?

One thing I could change ? hmmm, that would be people’s perspective about odd jobs in Nigeria

Why They Call You ‘Trusted Cleaner’?

For me I love a good name so much and I will do all I can to keep my name from been defamed and that is clearly seen in my character cause that’s the person I am.

Any Other Thing You Want To Tell Us?

I am a workaholic.

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