Southwest State Speakers Convene in Lagos for Strategic Discussions

State Speakers from the Southwestern region of Nigeria convened at the Lagos State House of Assembly for crucial talks aimed at advancing the interests of the zone. The meeting took place in the run-up to the Abuja gathering of the Conference of Speakers of State Legislatures in Nigeria, where a national chairman is set to be elected.

Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa hosted the meeting, and the attendees included Rt. Hon. Taiwo Oluomo of Ogun, Adebo Ogundoyin of Oyo, Adeoye Aribasoye of Ekiti, Adewale Egbedun of Osun, and Olamide Oladiji of Ondo. Following a closed-door session, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa briefed journalists on the discussions, stating, “We looked at the progress of the legislature in the Southwest. Let me remind you that during the last Assembly, we all adopted a single Business Rules and Standing Order, which we have reviewed at this meeting.”

He continued, “We also discussed the coming election of the Conference of Speakers. We deliberated on that because we have to be there with one voice. We have two Speakers, Ogun and Oyo, running for the position. So we have to harmonize our position before we go for the election.”

The agenda also included discussions on the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN) and its impact on the economic progress and development of the Southwest. Obasa concluded by affirming, “In all, we have discussed in the interest of the Southwest.”

Southwest State Speakers Focus on Regional Progress and Unity

Rt. Hon. Aribasoye confirmed the topics discussed at the meeting, emphasizing the importance of addressing regional development, security, and cooperation among the legislatures in the Southwest. He stated, “We met to discuss the Southwest, the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria, the coming election, the security of our zone, and the need for cross-fertilization of ideas among the legislatures in the Southwest.”

The visiting State Speakers expressed their appreciation for the insights gained during their visit to the Lagos Assembly. They commended the Lagos lawmakers for their steadfast support for democracy, good governance, and the leadership of Speaker Obasa, which has contributed to the strength of the legislative arm in the State.

Rt. Hon. Oladiji, in particular, praised Lagos as a true “Centre of Excellence,” while Rt. Hon. Egbedun underscored Speaker Obasa’s leadership role in the Southwest.

Lagos Speaker Obasa Commended for Leadership and Dedication

The State Speakers conveyed their gratitude to Speaker Obasa for his consistent support and guidance to the Southwest Speakers, emphasizing his pivotal role in promoting legislative progress. Rt. Hon. Oluomo hailed Speaker Obasa as making history for being the longest-serving Speaker in Nigeria.

In his response, Speaker Obasa praised his colleagues at the Lagos Assembly for their dedication and commitment to the advancement of the legislature and the State of Lagos.

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