Sunday Yabi helps businesses make more sales, growth

Sunday Godwin Yabi is the managing director of Primus Global Solutions LTD. They help entrepreneurs to discover, acquire and monetize the skills and systems that will help their businesses grow and make more sales

 Tell us more about your background and what prepared you for this vision and mission.

I am a tourism expert by training, but I have been involved in youth development since 2010 through an NGO I founded

Trainings i have acquired…

I am the convener of Bethel Youth Conference. A youth empowerment conference I have run since 2013 with various participants from about 11 states of Nigeria in our live events

Why do you think your services is truly needed?

After struggling to make consistent sales online, I finally found the tools and strategy with which I have made over N40 million naira in revenue using WhatsApp

You can learn more about it here

Your Personal Brand:

 What do you do and what stands you out from others doing these same thing (s)?

I am a start-up business coach with speciality in helping young people discover and monetize their innate potentials.

I am a sales and marketing expert

 Who are the people that need to patronize you?

Young minds  who need clarity about themselves and how to create wealth using their innate abilities and potentials

What are your core values?

Spirituality, service, loyalty and personal development

What’s your ultimate career goal or goals?

To help 1 million youths find the freedom to serve God, enjoy life with their loved ones and help the people around them

. What makes you happy and keeps you going?

I find joy when I am able to help people especially young people transform from confusion to clarity and profit

 What’s your superpower – that thing you do better than anyone else?

My creative ability to impart knowledge and cause transformation

What’s the best way people can get in touch with you?

@Sundayyabisells on all social media platforms, ,  +2348082529042

Why do you do these awesome things you do?

Because that’s what i was created and equipped to do

  What prepared you yesterday for today’s challenges?

I am a minister of the gospel. As a young minister of the gospel with a wife and a kid, I could barely feed my family and accomplish my divine calling with a salary of N25,000. I discovered that you could be called, anointed and sent, but if you are not economically free, you are truly not yet free to serve God, enjoy life with your family and help the people around you.

So my struggles birthed my search for freedom, and now I feel i must share what I found to help others too

 A word for people who want to be like you.

The fact that you woke up this morning, means God is not done with you. There is still more in you that God wants to bring out for the benefit of humanity. Giving up now will mean sentencing others to mystery. You are too important to give up

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