Talented 13-Year-Old Blessing Fadairo Wows with Poetry Skills

Blessing Fadairo, a remarkable 13-year-old student in Junior Secondary School Three (JSS3) at Triple Crown College in Ketu, Lagos State, has been garnering attention for her extraordinary talent in writing and oratory skills, particularly her ability to effortlessly create captivating poems. Despite her literary prowess, Blessing maintains that her first love lies in the field of medicine.

Recently, Blessing unveiled her debut work titled “Deep Insight on Poems,” signaling the beginning of her poetic journey. She also excitedly shared that she is already working on the second volume of her collection.

“Deep Insight on Poems” is an 84-page masterpiece containing 67 poems, elegantly written in a captivating style that is truly impressive for someone of her age. The collection showcases Blessing’s rising star in the literary world.

Impressed by Blessing’s audacity and talent, Mrs. Theresa Awolaja, the proprietress of Triple Crown College, and the school’s management decided to support and promote her book launch to encourage her and inspire others.

Blessing presented her book to an enthusiastic audience consisting of her fellow students and guests at the school’s auditorium. Her efforts were rewarded with cash, approval from her peers, and, most importantly, the realization that her hard work had paid off.

The book’s reviewer, Miss Peace Patrick, an SS2 student at the college, highly recommended “Deep Insight on Poems” as an inspirational read that offers wisdom and understanding to any student.

When asked about her inspiration, Blessing humbly credited the Holy Spirit, stating, “I have never taken any writing lessons before. I simply sit down to write, and I don’t know how it happens. That’s why I give all the glory to God.”

Blessing revealed that she has been writing since her primary school days, capturing her thoughts and ideas whenever the urge to write strikes. She has previously shared her poems at various events, including Zonta, a collaborative organization that promotes future leaders.

Despite her talent in writing, Blessing expressed her desire not to limit herself to just one passion. While writing is one of her dreams, she intends to pursue a career in medicine to make a positive impact on others.

Mrs. Awolaja described Blessing as a gifted girl who has been writing poems since she joined Triple Crown College in JSS1. She expressed surprise at the amount of time Blessing invests in poetry, turning everyday experiences into beautiful verses. Despite her literary inclination, Blessing remains steadfast in her aspiration to become a medical doctor.

The school has pledged to support and encourage Blessing’s pursuits further. Mrs. Awolaja announced that they would be launching her book and expressed their intention to provide her with a scholarship. Blessing serves as a source of motivation for the entire school community, and they are committed to helping her achieve her goals.

Principal Mr. Don Ugbede described Blessing as an articulate and attentive student with excellent comportment. He was amazed by the way she writes and suggested that she compile her works into a book, which led to the launch of “Deep Insight on Poems.” The school is determined to support Blessing on her journey and provide her with the necessary exposure to attain her desired success.

Mr. Ugbede emphasized that Blessing’s ambition to become a medical doctor would not hinder her literary gifts, citing examples of other medical doctors who are also writers. He commended Blessing for her exceptional initiative and recognized her as a shining star in the making.

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