Health Solutions: What’s Good About Nutrifix Naturals

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We are thrilled by the amazing story of Adaobi Sandra Ijeoma and her wonder health solution. This product called Nutrifix Naturals is said to be really awesome. Hear how Adaobi created this amazing product.

What’s your educational background and what prepared you for what you are doing now?

I am an Economist by profession. I started playing with fruits, leaves and nuts as a child.
Then I took ill, (and then I was always fainting).

My grandmother took me to a local healer. Everything she used was fruits and food. And the healer ensured I drank the mix right in her presence.

That scene stirred up the gift and helped me discover the talent. I got Nutrifix formula when I was 15 but didn’t start utilizing it until I was 37. It was my last option because I was badly suffering from obesity.

Tell us more about your brand. And how you go about the business?

Nutrifix Naturals is a homegrown health and wellness brand that works with the believe that wellness is a natural consequence of feeding our body right.

This is why we simplified the intake of herbs by formulating medicinal beverages from fruits that works to detoxify the body as well as replenish and restore essential nutrients to the body system.

Why should people buy this brand you sell?

Our brand’s watchword is integrity and this means that we are confident of not just the quality of the ingredients used in formulating our product but we are also proud of the process of formulation and most important the results of our products which are validated by genuine testimonials from the hundreds of people that our products have massively transformed their lives.

Do you make? Or you just sell? Take us through the process.

We own the original recipes to Nutrifix Natural products, so we formulate our products.

We have a good list of distributors and affiliates who are an extensive part of our sales team.

What’s the best prices for your products. And are the in varieties?

The Nutrifix Naturals Advanced Detox sells for 5500.00 for a cup of 250grams

What is the 5 years plan for your business?

Our five years projection is to have distribution centres not just across the 36 states in Nigeria including the FCT but also to have sale centres in strategic locations across the globe that will serve not only as fulfilment centres for purchases made online but also as drop in or physical stores for clients who want to experience the human touch.
funding like when you started and who were your support?

There was practically no financial support but God was merciful and we scaled simply from the profits from product sold.

Any plans to put you enter your brands for Food And Drinks Festivals and Exhibitions? GTB and co are into such these days.

The beautiful part of Nutrifix was that we started on a very lean budget and most of our marketing was organic even till this moment.

Nutrifix has survived and thrived against all odds strictly by riding on the strength of referrals.

How can anyone buy from you? Where are the selling locations or outlets or ways your company can be reached?

We have attended a lot of fairs in the past with massive reviews and we will continue to attend local and international fairs to showcase our products.

What else would you love to say about your product or to the readers?

Please take care of your health, its the only real gift you have.

Nutrifix is doing wonders, buy cup today and you will be stuck for life.

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