Warning Issued to Tinubu Against Criticizing Buhari’s Economic and Monetary Strategies

The groups, in a statement signed by the President of Ohanaeze Youths Movement, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, and the President of Ethnic Youth Leaders across Nigeria, Mr. Emmanuel Yawe, expressed their disappointment with Tinubu’s statement and urged him to refrain from condemning the economic and monetary policies of the Buhari administration. They argued that such actions would be detrimental to the country’s stability and could harm the nation’s economy.

The statement read, “We urge Tinubu to refrain from making such statements that could harm the country’s stability and economy. The economic and monetary policies of the Buhari administration have been implemented to ensure the country’s financial stability and growth. As a presidential candidate, Tinubu should focus on offering solutions and not criticize the current administration’s efforts.”

The groups also urged all political actors to refrain from making statements that could harm the nation’s economy and stability and to instead focus on offering solutions that will benefit the country and its citizens.

The Ethnic Youth Leaders also joined in condemning Tinubu’s statements, stating that it is not appropriate for a presidential candidate to publicly criticize the current administration’s economic and monetary policies before being elected. They emphasized that such actions could be seen as a lack of understanding and respect for the democratic process and could undermine the stability and progress of the country. They urged Tinubu to focus on presenting his own vision and plans for the future of Nigeria, rather than criticizing the current administration.

The Ohanaeze Youths Movement and Ethnic Youth Leaders across Nigeria have issued a warning to the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, regarding his recent statements about President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. Both groups have called on Tinubu to focus on his own campaign and refrain from undermining Buhari’s economic and electoral reforms, calling his statements unfair and unguarded. They also advise him to wait until he is elected before criticizing the current administration’s policies. The groups stated that Buhari has shown support to Tinubu during this campaign season and that it is not fair to accuse him of hoarding fuel or the naira.

“Tinubu should focus on his own campaign and stop undermining the efforts of the current administration. His actions are creating doubts in the minds of voters and will not help him in his determination to win the election. Instead, he should be showing his own solutions and plans for the country’s economic and electoral reforms.”

The recent statements made by presidential candidate Bola Tinubu regarding the policies of the Buhari-led administration have been met with caution from the Ohanaeze Youths Movement and Ethnic Youth Leaders across Nigeria. They have urged Tinubu to refrain from undermining the President’s economic and electoral reforms in his bid to win the upcoming election. They also pointed out that President Buhari has shown support for Tinubu throughout his campaign and that Tinubu should not create doubts in people’s minds by attacking a President who has supported him. The groups believe that the policies put in place by the Central Bank of Nigeria, such as the redesign of naira notes, are aimed at restoring control over the money supply and curbing vote buying, which is a positive step towards enhancing the credibility of the upcoming election.

Source: ThisDay Live

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