“What I saw scared me”: El-Rufai opens up on concerns about 2023 elections.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai, the Governor of Kaduna state, has expressed deep apprehension over the rampant incidents of vote buying that characterized the 2023 elections in the state.

During a media chat on Sunday, with POLITICS NIGERIA, he openly shared his unease about the electoral process.

Governor El-Rufai lamented the alarming prevalence of voters demanding money before casting their ballots. He highlighted that this practice resulted in the defeat of many otherwise deserving candidates in the elections.

“I witnessed good people who contested but lost the election simply because a voter was given N5,000 on election day,” the Governor stated.

He went on to caution against the dangerous consequences of such practices, highlighting the potential for looting the public treasury by those benefiting from fraudulent elections.

“Consider this: whoever gives you money during an election to vote for them, remember that you have essentially handed them a key to the treasury for the next four years just to reclaim their N5,000,” El-Rufai emphasized.

The Governor firmly advised against viewing politics as a means for personal financial gain. He stressed that politics should be pursued by individuals with a genuine desire to serve the people, not to enrich themselves.

“If your intention is to make money and buy material possessions, then politics is not the path for you. Politics is for those who have contentment and a sincere commitment to serving the people. I hope people will come to understand this because what I witnessed truly alarmed me,” El-Rufai explained.

El-Rufai urged individuals whose primary motivation for entering politics is personal enrichment to stay away from the political arena.

He emphasized that politics is a platform for those who are content and wholeheartedly dedicated to serving the people.

Reflecting on the last election, the Governor expressed his surprise and hoped that in the coming years, those who fail to grasp the true essence of politics would come to understand that it is about leadership, not personal enrichment.

“Politics should not be a means of enriching oneself. It should be about serving the people. If personal enrichment is your goal, then politics is not the right path for you,” El-Rufai concluded.

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