Why I Want To Serve In Political Office – Yomi Idowu

Yomi Idowu is born in Lagos and has always lived the most part of his life in Lagos. Had his secondary education at CMS Grammar School Bariga while his university education was in the United Kingdom where he graduated from University of Glamorgan with a Bsc degree in Chemical Engineering, he also have an Msc degree in Fuel Technology from University of Portsmouth. He is a Chemical Engineer by profession and have been in dredging business for the past 15 years.

He is happily married with four children all graduated. Having excelled as the Chairman of his Lekki sub zone, he was elected to serve his community as the Chairman of Lekki Phase 1 Residents Association. Being Chairman of the estate (Town) has exposed him to community needs and he has been able to attend to many of the issues and always been the voice of the people.


When did you first decide to run for office ?

I decided to run for Political Office about Seven Months ago, March 2022 to be precise.

How has the journey been so far ?

The Journey has been quite challenging but really interesting.

Quite challenging because it absolutely expensive to finance Electioneering Campaign vis a vis The Cost of Structural Coverage of District , Publicity, Security, Media Appearances, Campaign Team Management, Research, Logistics, Party Demands, Special Outings, Consultations etc.

Really interesting on the basis that I am being exposed to so many realities of life, learning important  lessons, meeting new people of diverse classes and gaining confidence by the day.

Do you have any international experience ?

Of course. My experience as resident abroad exposed me to a lot of things. I have understudied the success story of politics in some First World Countries and so strongly believe that Nigeria can meet up such political standards if the right thinking leaders are elected. A right thinking leader must be one who sees self last. A man or woman who is willing and  ready to serve in order to write his/her name in the golden book of history .

A millionaire , to me, is someone who has meaningfully affected millions of lives  not the one who keeps millions of naira In his/her Bank Account. This should be the orientation/mentality of any citizen who intends to lead anywhere in the world.

If you could change anything in Lagos central. What would it be and why?

Masses Welfare & Affordable Security Mechanisms will be top on my agenda. The reason for this is that these two dividends of democracy drive all other Democratic Values and create cordial relationship between The Lead .

There is a high number of destitute youths in the Lagos central. Is there any solution to the impending menace ?

 In every developed economy, the youths are the strength of the nation. Lagos Central parades  young jobless youth because there is no proper management of that age grade.

When I get to The Senate God willing, I will device the smartest means to actively engage these youths in the area of Formal & Adult Education via sponsorship of WAEC & JAMB Organised Examination, Facilitate Affordable and Merit Based Admissions into Private & Public Tertiary Institutions , Promotion of Community Technological Initiatives, Recreation Centres, Rehabilitation Homes and Reestablishment of Worthy Rewards for Excellence & Best Results.

Please there is difference between young homeless unemployed youth and homeless ,disabled, blind beggers called destitute.

Rehabilitation homes will be established for destitute.

How do you plan to involve residents in the decision making process in your town ?

 As a Senator,  I will constitute 10 Man Committee in each of The Five (5) Local Governments in my District.

These Committee will be saddled with the responsibility to conduct research on why poverty is on the increase,   those who genuinely need micro credit facilities, affordable  community projects  that can benefit all, befitting brand of legislation, why corporate social responsibility is no more visible…

Membership of this Committee will cut across the Wards  which make up each Local Government and its report will be submitted directly to my Office.

If you got a proposal for a new piece of public infrastructure ,how would you evaluate whether  or not that project is worth implementing.?

The Three (3) most important Factors to be considered before giving a nod to The Implementation of a Proposal for New Piece of Public Infrastructure are :

1. The Maintenance Culture of The Constituents

2. The Full Assurance for Self Sustainability of The Infrastructure .

3. Subsidizing Capability of The Infrastructure for The Low Class.


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